{Travel} 5 Things to do in Lake George, NY #blogginggroove

{Travel} 5 Things to do in Lake George, NY

Hello and welcome to our weekend recap from the kid-free road trip adventures! Today I am sharing 5 things you can do in Lake George, NY. As current readers and friends on Facebook have figured out, we enjoy traveling all over New England and this past Sunday we ended up in Lake George, NY. This was a fantastic location with a nice water source and many things to do. Upon arrive in Lake George, NY I could tell that we needed to park and take a walk. Mike parked the van, we filled the meter for two hours and we walked the strip of Lake George, NY for an hour and a half.

5 Things To Do In Lake George, NY

The Great Escape, this is a fun Six Flags Theme Park is a great destination to check out for families who enjoy those thrilling roller coasters and other adventure park type rides.

{Travel} 5 Things to do in Lake George, NY
Image Credit: Great Escape’s Website

The Log Jam Restaurant, a great dining experience where you can enjoy a menu that offers appetizers, soups and steak as well as other options. The pricing is a bit on the high-end, our meal averaged a little over $60 for two.

{Travel} 10 Things to do in Lake George, NY
Image Credit: Google Maps

Take a Steamboat Ride, daily rides from May into October on 3 large steamboat ships. We stopped at the deck to watch this one roll by with passengers aboard.

{Travel} 5 Things to do in Lake George, NY
Mike captured this Steamboat using a photo filter

Visit Village Old Time Photos, have your photo taken like in the old days. We only paid $32 for an 8×10 photo of us together. For an extra $10 we were able to nab a second 8×10 photo to hang up.

{Travel} 5 Things to do in Lake George, NY

House of Frankenstein Wax Museum, for just $9.30 each we were able to experience this wax museum in Lake George, NY. Not for the faint at heart, this walk is a super fun time and after we met Frankenstein himself.

{Travel} 5 Things to do in Lake George, NY

We had such a fun time in Lake George, NY and we hope our list of 5 things to do in Lake George, NY will inspire you to travel here and see all there is to see. We plan to head to Lake George, NY with the kids before we get too far into Fall season.

Which of these 5 things to do in Lake George, NY sound appealing to you?

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  1. Now this is a spot that I need to consider for a family trip – with a definite stop at that Log cabin restaurant.

  2. This is like a hidden gem. While the big apple is getting all of the attention, there are smaller, quieter, but still action packed places like Lake George to get away to.

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