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20 thoughts on “How to Be Proactive for Back to School Mornings #blogginggroove”

  1. Great ideas! Yes, I have been that mom… and guess what… I was also the teacher! For the last 4 years, I taught at the school my children attended. School mornings are tough! I don’t know how many times we got out of the car at school and I realized that I hadn’t seen what my daughter was wearing until that moment. I hate being rushed.
    These are great ideas to make each morning a more peaceful start to the day. In one of my workshops I learned that it takes a child 45 minutes to regain their normal learning capacity after a stressful event. Imagine how we can help our children succeed in school by cutting down on the school morning rush!

  2. These are all wonderful ways to keep the ship sailing smoothly! Electronics are totally off limits before school in our home, and are actually not allowed at all until after homework is complete each evening.

  3. I had never thought of preparing coffee the night before but it’s actually brilliant. I often have to skip out on my morning cup o’ Joe because I never have time to prepare it.

  4. Some great tips. We also check the weather the night before to make sure we know what we need the next day for coats, hats, umbrellas etc.

  5. It’s so much easier to prepare everything the night or the day before so you don’t have to worry during the morning! I love your tips! It’s really effective!

  6. This is so great and it’s so true, you gotta be prepared. I like teaching my girls to also be prepared so back to school is a great time to model that.

  7. We have a morning routine for each of our kids and I even got them laminated. I also gave them their own clipboards to keep them on so they can get things done without me nagging.

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