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Happily Blended How to Be Proactive for Back to School Mornings

That time of year is quickly approaching, back to school season. I am aware of it because so many bloggers are sharing their back to school tips, tricks and must haves. Just the other day I decided to share a few back to school essentials. Today I am going to discuss how to be prepared for back to school mornings.

We all get a little lax in the Summer season, there’s no school and while some may work outside of the home, we here work from home so the schedule is a minimal one for the length of Summer break. I sort of think that’s a good thing, letting the kids get some much needed relaxation after a stressful school year. With that being said, back to school season means getting your morning routine back on track to ensure those kids are dropped off on time for their first days back to school.

Don’t be that parent. You know, the one running behind every single day. I have been that parent, it stinks. Here are some tricks I learned as I played trial and error with back to school mornings the last 9 years.

How to Be Proactive for Back to School Mornings

How to Be Proactive for Back to School Mornings

  • Have kids set out their clothes the night before and instruct them to get dressed and brush teeth before they do anything else on a school morning.
  • Be sure any middle or high school students have their backpack all packed up the night before, otherwise you know they will forget something and be calling you from the school mid-day.
  • Prepare breakfast the night before, whenever possible, consider making breakfast burritos that can be kept frozen to quickly heat up in the microwave.
  • Parents: prepare your coffee the night before, ah yes; nothing makes my morning go smoother than having that coffee ready to brew ASAP upon wake-up.
  • Allow for no electronic time unless the kids have completed all responsibilities and have extra time. This means backpacks ready by door, breakfast eaten, teeth brush, all clothes on, etc.
  • Pack all school lunches up the night before; enlist the older kids to do this on their own. Nothing wrong with giving kids a bit of responsibility.
  • Set a timer when the time to head out to school is nearing, this will give a visual to ensure the kids move faster to meet the time-frame.

These are just a few of the ways my family has learned how to prepare for back to school mornings. I hope that this works for your family too!

What are some tips you have for back to school mornings?

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  1. Great ideas! Yes, I have been that mom… and guess what… I was also the teacher! For the last 4 years, I taught at the school my children attended. School mornings are tough! I don’t know how many times we got out of the car at school and I realized that I hadn’t seen what my daughter was wearing until that moment. I hate being rushed.
    These are great ideas to make each morning a more peaceful start to the day. In one of my workshops I learned that it takes a child 45 minutes to regain their normal learning capacity after a stressful event. Imagine how we can help our children succeed in school by cutting down on the school morning rush!

  2. These are all wonderful ways to keep the ship sailing smoothly! Electronics are totally off limits before school in our home, and are actually not allowed at all until after homework is complete each evening.

  3. I had never thought of preparing coffee the night before but it’s actually brilliant. I often have to skip out on my morning cup o’ Joe because I never have time to prepare it.

  4. Some great tips. We also check the weather the night before to make sure we know what we need the next day for coats, hats, umbrellas etc.

  5. This is so great and it’s so true, you gotta be prepared. I like teaching my girls to also be prepared so back to school is a great time to model that.

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