Go For Gold: Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bedroom

Go For Gold: Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bedroom

If you want to add a bit of luxury to your home, then the bedroom should be the first priority. This is the place you relax in at the end of a long day and that splash of luxury could be the difference between you getting a good night’s kip and not.

Nothing quite says luxury more than gold either. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Do this badly and you could end up with a gaudy or over the top room that undermines what you were trying to achieve.

So, how do you do this properly?

Consider the bed

The clue is in the name. This is your bedroom so put a lot of thought into your bed. This will be the centrepiece of the room and needs to look good as well as feel comfortable. Shop around for something that suits your tastes and treat yourself to a mattress that you will look forward to clambering on to to get some sleep.

Also, don’t dismiss practical considerations. A bed with good space saving facilities will save you from having clutter around the room which will ruin a luxury image. You don’t want to see this at all. We recommend a bed from the Divan Beds Centre to give you the right look for your luxury bedroom needs.

Accessories are key

Once you’ve got your bed it’s time to dress it. This is what will give it the wow factor as you open the door and it’s where you can set to work on that gold theme. White sheets and pillow cases with a gold trim or pattern have that classy luxury look without looking overpowering. This theme can then be continued with your choice of curtains.

Another tip, as Elle Décor states, is to have plenty of overfilled throw pillows on the bed. These are perfect for the comfort and image you need for your luxury bedroom.

Go For Gold: Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bedroom


Try not to overfill your room with furniture. You want your room to be dominated by the bed with your gold accessories if possible. Still, your dressing table, bedside table and wardrobe are important pieces. Again, we’d recommend predominantly white pieces here, with the chance for gold themed decoration with draw and door handles and on chair legs to tie in with your theme. If you’re feeling creative you could even set yourself the challenge of upgrading an old chair to fit with your theme.


If your bedding, cushions and curtains help to enhance the theme of your bed then your ornaments can do the same to your furniture pieces. Again the emphasis here is on quality over quantity, with a couple of expensive gold-themed pieces much better than filling your room with items.


What’s underfoot also matters. The bedroom is a great place to deploy a comfy rug. It’ll help your feet feel warm and cosy and will finish off your look with aplomb, especially on top of a laminate or wood floor.

Used subtly, gold can give a really classy look to your dream luxury bedroom. Think about your bedding, furniture, accessories and the flooring for a fully rounded relaxing room that delivers exactly what you want in terms of comfort and style.

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  1. I am all for a touch of gold, such as a throw pillow or decor accent. Reupholstering an older piece with some new fabric that had a bit of gold in it would be pretty awesome too.

  2. I’d love for my bedroom to be elegant but right now it just seems to be a crap collector and laundry holder lol. I need to use some of this tips to have a prettier bedroom!

  3. I love the pictures of the bedroom that you have here, they are beautiful. If we ever redo our room, I would love to have some of these elements in it!

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