Glucosamine: Helping Dogs with Hip Problems

Glucosamine: Helping Dogs with Hip Problems

Pet owners who adore their dogs (and who doesn’t) often have to face the difficulty of hip problems in their beloved best friend. Some breeds are more prone to hip problems, and the sad fact is that this kind of problem can lead to expensive medical procedures or a disability in the animal. Due to the seriousness of this, veterinarians have worked overtime to try to find workable solution to canine hip problems.

A Breakthrough Supplement

The good news for dog lovers everywhere is the supplement Myristin®. This product has been used since 1996 as a holistic supplement for dogs, cats, horses and other animals in danger of suffering from serious hip problems. This supplement has been recommended and widely used by members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association since its release, and this tasty, chewable tablet is now available for small animals.

Dog glucosamine has been found to have a very positive impact on dogs who are suffering from hip problems, and Myristin Hip and Joint Formula contains glucosamine sulfate and MSN, along with acetyl myristoleate, which is a signature element in products from the Myristin brand.

Glucosamine: Helping Dogs with Hip Problems
A Tasty Treat For Dogs

This exciting product is now available from EHP Products to veterinarians and Internet customers who are looking for a great supplement for their dog’s hip health. These supplements have a very palatable taste, too, as they have an all-natural bacon flavor that dogs love. These tablets are chewy as well, so they go down very easily. In fact, these tablets are so tasty they can even be used as special treats for that special canine. A soft gel version of this product is also available, for pets that may have allergies to any of the ingredients in the chewable tablets.

A dog’s hip health is critical to his mobility, longevity and overall health. Knowing there is a supplement available that is recommended by veterinarians and proven to support canine health is hugely important for a pet owner’s well being. Pet owners are as devoted to their canine best friends as their canines are to them. To help support the well being of your dog, consider using holistic hip supplements from Myristin.

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  1. This is great information. My dog is starting to age and issues like this is right around the corner. You love your pets like family and feel so helpless when they get sick or in pain. I am so glad to know about these supplements for the future.

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