Key Things to Look for When Choosing Baby Diapers

Key Things to Look for When Choosing Baby Diapers

A new baby entering your world comes with a lot of huge changes and lifelong choices. With all that going on, you shouldn’t have to worry yourself with what variety of diaper you’re going to choose. Not to say that diapers aren’t an important part of you and your child’s every day for the next few years – but you should be more concerned with saving for college and other “bigger picture” scenarios. If you’ve chosen to go disposable over cloth, there are a couple important factors you should be on the lookout for to help you find the perfect fit for your child.

Key Things to Look for When Choosing Baby Diapers

With that in mind, if you follow this guide to buying diapers, you can make an informed decision that works for you and your family.


Here are a couple of tidbits of information you should consider before you go out and buy up enough stock to last you through potty training:

  • Every family has a priority and their bottom lines are all different. Is it price? Health? Comfort? The environment? Consider what is a good fit for your budget and take the time to peruse different styles.
  • Don’t buy in bulk until you know for sure that you like the brand. You don’t want to end up with a surplus of diapers that you don’t fit well or are not as effective in the way you’d like.
  • European brands have their own set of sizing systems, so be sure to learn those if you are purchasing from an import vendor.

A Strong Absorbency

Absorbency is a factor in every diaper – if you’re comparing diapers with no absorbency you might just be looking at a stack of paper. Absorption refers to the amount of liquid the diaper can contain, how well that liquid is carried, and if it keeps the liquid safely away from baby’s skin. Shoddy absorption levels can lead to persistent dampness which is one of the leading cause of diaper rash.

It’s important to try out different brands to find the appropriate absorption levels for your child.

A Good Fit

Diapers are sized based on the weight of your child. However, as with clothes and most things related to size, they are often wildly different depending on the brand. The weight which one brand considers a size 2, may still be in the range of a size 1 for another brand. When trying out new brands, it’s important to remember this fluctuation and to not simply buy the same size of the brand you typically use without checking to see if it applies to another variety of diaper.

Every baby has different proportions, so finding a diaper brand that perfectly fits your child can be a bit of a trial-and-error situation. Even the diaper with the strongest absorption capacity will leak if the diaper fits wrong. With this in mind, avoid buying in bulk until you find the right brand for your baby at the right size.

The Best Price

Comparing price points is a smart thing to do no matter what it is you’re buying. New parents will often compare the cost of a brand using newborn diapers or size 1 prices. Use caution when taking this approach as the cost of size 1 diapers are deceptively low when compared to bigger sizes. Manufacturers will often gouge their prices on size 1 and lower, knowing that most parents will stick with the brand they start out with. Then set higher price points for sizes 2-6.

It’s recommended that absorbency be your top priority, as a diaper is only as effective as it is durable. Choosing a diaper can be a difficult task, but it is one that is important and effects the overall health of your precious new love.

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  1. I agree that absorbency is the most important when buying diapers. No two brands are the same. My daughter is now a teenager but I will pass along these tips.

  2. It really is amazing how every brand of diaper fits differently. It’s great when you find the brand that works for your child though! These are awesome tips to think about.

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