Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

Men are wired to be hunters, this hasn’t changed from the caveman days; they are simply created in this way. If a man wants you, they will try and try again to keep your interest. As with any hunter, they will continue on putting forth much effort as a means to catch their prey, this holds true for relationships. No matter what circumstances a man is in, if he wants the girl he will get her by all means, but what happens when you start to think he’s just not that into you?

Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

What are some of the tell-tale signs that hes not that into you?

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Being that I have held many roles in relationships; we won’t get into all of those titles, I have had the privilege or life lesson of being a woman who held many different titles with men. From what I recall, I have never been dumped for sure, it was always me playing the cards. I learned to hone in on the signs that hes not that into you and ran with them, so today I want to share with you the top 5 signs that he’s just not that into you as a means to help you rethink about position your current relationship may be in:

  1. It’s been a month and no friend introductions have happened, this obviously is a removed point if your man has little friends or friends who live far away. Truth be told if you have been with your man for at least a month and you still haven’t met his friends then hes not that into you.
  2. It takes him a lot of time to respond to your text messages, yet when you two are together he is constantly on that phone. Here’s a solid sign that he’s just not that into you. While a man shouldn’t be at his woman’s beck and call, the situation speaks volumes when you know he’s always attached to that phone but takes ages to reply to you.
  3. Body language says it all, if your man is expressing bad body language such as avoiding eye contact, sitting with his legs away from you and is constantly avoiding any closeness between the two of you then hes not that into you. Obviously if your man isn’t one to be affectionate and you knew that from day one, this won’t apply to your scenario.
  4. His behavior is the same for you as it is for everyone else, maybe your man is a bubbly, social, outgoing man, no problem, right!? Well if your man is treating you no different than he treats everyone else you may not be as special as you think. A man who has this personality will still have a certain way to be slightly different with you in a way that makes you realize you’re more than just another human on Earth.
  5. He is constantly trying to change you, if your man is constantly focused on what you have for flaws and wants to change them then he’s just not that into you. A relationship should be two people loving each other unconditionally and working to better each other in a healthy way, not having one person focused on pointing out flaws all day long.

There you have it, five signs that hes not that into you as a means to help you evaluate your relationship and learn to move forward or move on from your current situation. We hope these tips give you a little insight as to what you should be on the lookout for when your relationship seems to be screaming that he’s just not that into you.

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  1. good list of reasons a guy may not be into a woman! I date the guys that are confident and can express that they like me… I don’t need to guess, it’s a waste of time if I’m wondering whether he likes me or not (there are a lot of men out there, that’s how I see it!)
    Men, can’t live with them and can’t live without them: )

  2. So my brother is like this with his GF. I think he is in love with the idea of being in love and they both cling to each other. There is a constant trying to change the other person going on.

  3. Great list. When I was dating back on the day we just got phone calls. There were no cell phones. Or no notes passed at school. My how times have changed

  4. I think this paired with the movie, every woman needs to watch by the time she’s 20! I know too many who try to hang on to the notions of what they want a man to be – or how they want him to feel about them. Fooling yourself helps no one, least of all you. Bravo for putting it out there like this!

  5. This is good for those that can’t admit it to themselves… I remember being there! Luckily, my husband is into… however he doesn’t always text back quick! 🙂

  6. I remember way back when I was dating I knew some guys was just want to have a friend. That’s ok because I met a wonderful guy who is now my husband m!!!

  7. Yeah, those certainly seem like the signs. I think if he’s not treating you like a queen during the dating period, unless you’ve been dating for awhile. That might be a good sign.

  8. Nice post. The signs are usually very obvious, but some just choose not to believe what is right in front of them. I always say to give attention to those who give you attention!

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