Meditation and Matcha: Nurture Your Mind While Nourishing Your Body

Meditation and Matcha: Nurture Your Mind While Nourishing Your Body

Stress, stress, stress. Most people today are stressed out. Between work, the kids, social media, and friends and family, there are endless distractions and demands on your time. Maybe what you need is to go to a small island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and relax. But, unless you’re a billionaire, you probably don’t have a private jet (or the island).

Meditation and Matcha: Nurture Your Mind While Nourishing Your Body

Here’s what smart health-conscious people do to chill out using matcha tea, and what you can learn from them.

It’s Calming and Helps Your Body Heal

There are several reasons why most of us are committed to drinking more green tea. Most of those reasons revolve around the purported health benefits of drinking green tea. We all know that it can have a physical impact on our health. But, it can also be more soothing than other drinks, like coffee.

You can use it as a treat to enhance the effects of a workout, or use it to help you meditate. You can also use it as a direct replacement for coffee, since it has caffeine. The difference will be how you feel afterward. Because it also has a compound called L-theanine in it, it will give you a steady, slow, and calm energy that doesn’t make you jittery.

You can drink almost as much green tea as you want, and it will energize you and reinvigorate you. But, it won’t leave you tired halfway through the day.

What About Caffeine?

You may think that you need to go for a decaffeinated green tea for health benefits. But, it’s not true.

The caffeine levels and tannin levels of most green tea blends are such that you should be fine with a 24-39mg serving of caffeine per cup. Some of the best tea is even available online. You can buy online at

Green tea can make you alert for your morning yoga session, or meditation, without over-stimulating you. Matcha green tea is also a great way to energize yourself for the day, or a workout workout, because you can use it to get yourself in the right frame of mind and relieve stress.

Matcha tea also contains more antioxidants than many other drinks, including coffee and regular green tea. There’s also the fact that the chemicals in green tea can enhance the benefits of meditation and yoga. They detox the body for a greater sense of well-being. And, the L-theanine also helps with stress, since it activates Alpha brainwaves. There are many other benefits associated with green tea too, like it can air your heart and immune system. When you pair matcha with yoga and meditation, the benefits are even greater.

But, why is matcha so good for meditation? Matcha green tea offers the chance to use a potent drink to discover a new state of mind. L-theanine is the secret. It provides a sense of cognitive synergy and promotes alpha wave production in the brain – which is precisely what we want to achieve with meditation.

By combining the two, you improve stress relief, focus, and relaxation. Finally, many people experience increased fat burning while taking green tea, because of the EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) in the green tea. This compound helps increase your metabolism to fight fat.

Which Type Of Tea And Brewing Methods?

Yet another benefit of matcha green tea for many enthusiasts is the process and ceremony that goes into brewing it. In Japan, it’s used ceremoniously. Some Japanese consume it daily, but they also use an ultra-high grade version of it that’s said to have even more potent properties.

But even ordinary matcha tea is beneficial.

When brewing it, take it slow. Since it’s a lighter tea, you do not want to pour boiling water on it. It will only burn the tea. Instead, you should use very hot, but non-boiling, water. You should also make sure that you do not let the tea sit in the hot water too long before drinking it or it will turn bitter.

There are different grades of matcha tea. Ceremonial Grade tea is the highest quality, while other forms vary in quality depending on when the leaves were harvested and how they were prepared.

This appreciation of an ancient art form is the primary reason why people look at the current matcha tea craze as just another fad, or maybe a scam. Matcha tea lattes and cookies are fun, but they can’t replace the pure tea or ceremonial tea.

Abbie Newton is a gal who is tuned in with nature. She enjoys meditation, and yoga and is currently experimenting with a raw diet. She writes about natural health topics for women’s lifestyle and green lifestyle blogs.

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  1. I absolutely love green tea. I have had to give up coffee, because the caffeine wasn’t good for me. So I switched to green tea a couple of years ago, and it is better. I don’t feel jittery, and I am able to have green tea throughout the entire day.

  2. Matcha green tea is my go to for my caffeine drink. I use the matcha powder and make my latte in the morning and then switch to green tea throughout the day. Love green tea!

  3. I’ve never tried anything beyond sun tea and sweet tea but, I’m challenging myself to try more this Summer. Going to try this soon!

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