Answers to Questions you may Have about Dental Implants

Answers to Questions you may Have about Dental Implants

Answers to Questions you may Have about Dental Implants

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As our lives continue to get longer, and our diets tend to enjoy some of the finer things –like sugar, wine, coffee, and other tooth decay-causing additives, our teeth simply aren’t keeping up with the rest of our bodies when it comes to longevity. These circumstances have increased the popularity of dental implants dramatically.

Even healthy foods like citrus, apple cider vinegar, meats, and vegetables can wear down our teeth so it isn’t only unhealthy lifestyles that prompt this tooth decay. The result is a population becoming more aware of their options in dealing with their dental problems, with more people considering implants over the old “false teeth” that were so popular with the last generation.

Dental implants are by far one of the best options for someone who is looking at the prospect of having false teeth, or those who would prefer to avoid dental fillings, root canals, and so on.

This article is intended to remove some of the guess work involved in first-time dental implant shoppers with the hope of making your exploration a simple and enjoyable experience.

So, what is a dental implant?

Dental implants (Brisbane) are man-made tooth roots that fill up the space where your original tooth once was. Implants are made out of biologically-safe materials that won’t leech harmful chemicals into your gums much like controversial mercury filled tooth fillings. Instead, dental implants are made of safe metals designed in a range of shapes or sizes for each unique need.

How much does a dental implant cost?

The cost of a dental implant can range dramatically depending on your own unique dental situation, on a sliding scale dependent on which materials you choose to use. Because of this, it is suggested you speak directly to a dental professional.

Will my insurance cover my dental implant?

A number of insurance plans do cover part of the costs of a dental implant, although not all of those who cover an aspect of them cover the whole procedure. This means that you will likely be out of pocket on some of the costs associated to your dental implant or dental implants.

Does each tooth need an implant to replace it?

No, in areas where there a multiple teeth missing in a row a dental bridge can be made to fill the space up all with one implant. The larger the bridge that is created, the more implants will be needed (maybe two or three) so again it is probably best to speak with your dentist before making a decision. Every situation is a special case, and there is no “one size fits all” advice when it comes to dental bridges.

How about partial tooth loss? Will dental implants still work?

Dental implants are still a great solution for those with partial tooth loss, in most cases. Both partial teeth and partial denture wearers can benefit from dental implants.

In Conclusion

Dental implants are a great way to keep a healthy smile while keeping the rest of your natural teeth in line. Missing teeth can space out teeth over time as they have little holding them in place.

Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! My husband has some teeth that are going to need to be removed but he did not want to have “false teeth”. I think implants are a great option.

  2. I certainly could do a better job protecting my teeth, but coffee protects my family and friends from me! It’s good to know that at there is such a wide range of options available.

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