SeaWorld® Kids Stay on the Ice App for iOS and Android

I received a complimentary download of this app for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

I am always on the look out for both education and fun entertaining games for long car rides, most recently we attended my Grandfather’s wake, funeral and a family gathering. As many of my long-time readers know, my middle child is autistic and long car rides are really not his thing. If I can find an app of any sort to hold his attention during these long trips, I am a happy mother. Most recently I was invited to test out SeaWorld® Kids Stay on the Ice!™ on either iOS or Android. 

SeaWorld® Kids Stay on the Ice!™ App for iOS and Android

This app is released in addition to two other SeaWorld® Kids apps that are available for your child’s entertaining pleasure; Underwater ABCs™ available on both iTunes and Google Play as well as Turtle Trek™ for iOS and Android. SeaWorld® Kids Stay on the Ice!™ is a challenging game, that let’s you get that competition heat going. I seriously feel the competition coming in when we get this app out to play. You start off this game with one penguin that you must keep on the ice, if you know games that involve keeping anything on ice; it’s not easy! That imaginary ice is just as slippery as walking out on the frozen pond here in the NH Winters. No joke.

It’s so much fun to watch my son has he tries to keep the penguins from falling off, then we joke about how “I got this” and can do better than him. We love having mini competitions around various games and this one was a fun addition to our time we have together on electronics; only half hour per day! I feel this SeaWorld® Kids Stay on the Ice!™ app is both entertaining and helps encourage fine motor skills, something that my autistic son struggles with is fine motor skills at times. I love how he has to work hard to use his finger to keep these little black and white animals from plunging off the ice chunk into the water below.

The main mission behind these three games from SeaWorld® Kids is to encourage children of preschool and elementary ages to learn hands on about nature while also having fun. I am backing SeaWorld® Kids 100% in their mission, the children do learn from playing on these apps, technology teaches our children so much, especially when there is entertainment value built into it.

If you are looking for a new app to download for your children of the preschool and elementary age group, feel free to use the below links to get your hands on the three games from SeaWorld® Kids:

SeaWorld® Kids Stay on the Ice!™ iTunes and Google Play
SeaWorld® Kids Underwater ABCs™  iTunes and Google Play
SeaWorld® Kids Turtle Trek™ iTunes and Google Play

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