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Family movie night in is one of our favorite traditions, and @PopSecret’s new app just mane it even better!  #sp #PerfectPop

Every Friday night the kids and I pull out their bed mattresses and pile them close on the floor in the living room. Friday is our Family Movie Night and “slumber party” in the living room, granted when my daughter has a friend over, she doesn’t sleep out there with us. The boys look forward to this Friday night fun, they count down all week to our slumber party, it’s really cute.

This past Friday, we tried something new, Pop Secret new App has a way for me to stop burning popcorn! What you all do not know is that I am famous for plopping the microwavable popcorn into the microwave and hitting the wrong time, then we end up with burned popcorn. The house smells forever, it’s such a hard smell to get rid of. The problem is that once our home is rid of that smell, I go ahead and burn some more popcorn.

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What can I say, I like to keep things interesting!

Well, we no longer have to worry about me burning the popcorn with the app from Pop Secret that easily allows you to time popcorn popping just right. With your iPhone 5+ on iOS 7+, download Perfect Pop (“Perfect Popcorn”) for free on the App Store.
1. Put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and enter suggested cooking time from the packaging. Note: Perfect Pop is optimized for the deliciousness of Pop Secret popcorn only.

2.    Turn up the volume on your iPhone. Point the phone’s speaker towards the microwave and keep within 3 feet.

3. Start the microwave, and then start the app.

No more relying on the popcorn button or guessing how many seconds in between pops. Pop Secret is serious about perfect popcorn, so the less you have to worry about, the more time you can spend enjoying movie night with your friends & family. Perfect Pop listens to the pops, waiting for the precise moment to let you know when your popcorn is perfect.

I am in love with this app, it is so freaking awesome!

The next time you do a family  movie night and are in search for the perfect family movie night popcorn, try out Pop Secret and use the Pop Secret app to time it just right. You see, my other happy thought about this app is that you will have more popcorn in the bag versus kernels. I am guilty of either burning the popcorn OR not popping it long enough so we end up with a lot of excess kernels. Just ask my daughter, she will tell you my guilty ways of popcorn popping, it’s a common joke around here. We won’t have to worry anymore with the Pop Secret app and maybe, just maybe, I can outlive this current family joke!

So, have you ever burned popcorn before?

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  1. aimee fauci (18 comments)

    Yes, I have burned popcorn and the smell is horrible. Not only does it stick in the house forever but it gets in your hair. ICK!

  2. Tami (7 comments)

    Yes. I have burned popcorn before. One time, one of the other teachers burned popcorn at school and the entire staff room smelt of popcorn. We laughed every time someone walked in the door and stopped, sniffed and said “Someone burnt popcorn.’ Poor girl…she felt so bad.

  3. Alesha @ Full Time Mama (12 comments)

    I burned popcorn yesterday, actually, but only a little so the smell was barely there and most of the popcorn was edible. I love the idea of this app! Now I just need to upgrade to the iPhone 5! 😛

  4. Kay Adeola (10 comments)

    Yes I have burnt popcorn before.We got a popcorn machine a while back and that helps a lot,if I did not have that I think this app would be amazing.

  5. Terry (14 comments)

    I am always the one who stands by the microwave to make sure the popcorn doesn’t burn. I don’t even eat it.!

  6. Kathy (48 comments)

    This looks perfect for people like me who always burn the popcorn. Love it!

  7. Felicia (102 comments)

    This really is a cool app! I can’t wait to try it out our next movie night.

  8. Melinda (44 comments)

    i’m always burning popcorn in the microwave. i switched to air popped but will look into this app instead

  9. Lori (11 comments)

    This app is really cool. The smell of burned popcorn is awful, I agree!

  10. Jaime (24 comments)

    My son often wants popcorn for breakfast (I don’t give it to him for breakfast.) We eat it a LOT in our house! It’s been a while since I’ve burned it, though!

  11. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy (24 comments)

    I love pulling the mattress out in the living room for a movie! We eat lots of popcorn around here but I haven’t tried the app yet!

  12. Chrysal @ YUM eating (5 comments)

    I am so glad we use an air popper now so I don’t have to worry about burnt popcorn anymore. I think this app is cute.

  13. Theresa (68 comments)

    My family always burns the popcorn and that ruins the whole movie watching experience for me. I need got download this app asap!

  14. Dawn (134 comments)

    I absolutely love this! With this app, I will no longer be known as the pop corn killer!

  15. TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs (43 comments)

    I’ve burned popcorn oodles of times. Usually I put it on for 2-1/2 minutes but listen for the pops to slow down and end it early. However, sometimes I forget and just let the time run out, which usually means it’s burnt 😛

  16. Shell (54 comments)

    Your movie night is such a fun idea. I really need to download this app!

  17. Pam (157 comments)

    We love Pop Secret popcorn, but my husband is no longer allowed to cook it because he always burns it. Hopefully he can use this app and stop burning the popcorn!

  18. Amanda Her (11 comments)

    I love the idea of a Pop Secret app! My microwave popcorn button always burns my popcorn.

  19. Candy O. (3 comments)

    Oooh I hate burning popcorn. I do my best to stand there and listen for the popping to stop LOL.

  20. Carly Anderson (15 comments)

    I hate burnt popcorn, that’s for sure! It amazes me the things technology helps us with!

  21. Liz Mays (178 comments)

    I’ve burned popcorn WAY more often than I’m happy about. My microwave doesn’t sense it right, so this app is great!

  22. Ann Bacciaglia (115 comments)

    I love this idea as I burn my popcorn all the time. I like that I will now able to enjoy popcorn as opposed to trying it in the garbage.

  23. Rosey (1068 comments)

    I’ve burned popcorn before and it’s a huge bummer. The app sounds fun, and I like that you have a given movie night. 🙂

  24. Becca (83 comments)

    I have burned popcorn before but it’s rare. I have one friend whose microwave I can’t figure out though and I ALWAYS burn the popcorn there!

  25. Tonia (9 comments)

    After burning popcorn so many times I have making the perfect popcorn down to a science now. I hate burnt food.

  26. Nichol (65 comments)

    We camp out in the living room on Friday nights for game & movie night. This app is so much fun and yes I’ve burned popcorn, yucky stuff. Thank goodness there’s an app to help us now!