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39 thoughts on “Family Movie Night with Pop Secret Popcorn #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn @PopSecret #sp”

  1. Yes. I have burned popcorn before. One time, one of the other teachers burned popcorn at school and the entire staff room smelt of popcorn. We laughed every time someone walked in the door and stopped, sniffed and said “Someone burnt popcorn.’ Poor girl…she felt so bad.

  2. Yes I have burnt popcorn before.We got a popcorn machine a while back and that helps a lot,if I did not have that I think this app would be amazing.

  3. i’m always burning popcorn in the microwave. i switched to air popped but will look into this app instead

  4. My son often wants popcorn for breakfast (I don’t give it to him for breakfast.) We eat it a LOT in our house! It’s been a while since I’ve burned it, though!

  5. I’ve burned popcorn oodles of times. Usually I put it on for 2-1/2 minutes but listen for the pops to slow down and end it early. However, sometimes I forget and just let the time run out, which usually means it’s burnt 😛

  6. We love Pop Secret popcorn, but my husband is no longer allowed to cook it because he always burns it. Hopefully he can use this app and stop burning the popcorn!

  7. I love this idea as I burn my popcorn all the time. I like that I will now able to enjoy popcorn as opposed to trying it in the garbage.

  8. I’ve burned popcorn before and it’s a huge bummer. The app sounds fun, and I like that you have a given movie night. 🙂

  9. I have burned popcorn before but it’s rare. I have one friend whose microwave I can’t figure out though and I ALWAYS burn the popcorn there!

  10. We camp out in the living room on Friday nights for game & movie night. This app is so much fun and yes I’ve burned popcorn, yucky stuff. Thank goodness there’s an app to help us now!

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