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I am flat out totally 100% beyond thrilled to be taking my kiddos to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this Summer 2014. Words cannot begin to express how awesome this experience is for us, I have looked into Water Country in the past and it’s on a bucket list as a go-to place for my family some day. Just so happens that this is our year to check off that go-to place on our bucket list!

When I was about 13 years old or so, I went to Water Country and had a blast. I am so looking forward to experiencing their Summer 2014 season this June or July. Our date of visit isn’t quite set in stone yet, but I just had to share with you our excitement to be a part of this wonderful opportunity as a blogger family. To showcase our excitement and to show you things you can enjoy at Water Country, I am writing this post …. Please read on to find a discount for your family to save money off tickets to Water Country this season!

NH Family Plans Trip to Water Country

Image courtesy Water Country’s website

This year is a special year to visit Water Country, after all they are celebrating their 30th birthday! This is going to be so much fun! I looked at the Water Country website for some events, for we don’t have our date set in stone and I want to ensure I give the kids an experience of a lifetime while we are there.

This year, a list of Events happening at Water Country are:

  • Every Thursday in July (starting July 3rd) through August 24th there is a DJ series party to celebrate!
  • Radio Disney Crew will be there for you to dance and play along with their “Have Some Fun” tour on June 25th at 12pm.
  • August 9th from 11-2pm you can meet SpongeBob and have your picture taken with him.

There are so many cool family friendly events to be a part of this season, aren’t you excited? Not yet? Okay, well then, let’s share some more ideas of what I want to experience at Water Country with my family this 2014 Summer Season …

Let’s see, a list of attractions I hope to check out on our day trip are:

  • Double Dive Boggan – the parks only head first slide, two lanes are there side by side to race someone if you wish!
  • Adventure River – this looks like what some would call a lazy river at most water parks, this is 1/4 mile long river.
  • Whirlpool – relax in this pool while the current moves you around a bit.
  • Wave Pool –  New England’s largest wave pool containing 700,000 gallons of water, catch the huge waves and have some fun!
  • Bubble Bay – this is a kiddie attraction where your kids can play around and it features spraying geysers and bubbling water
  • Ollie Octopus – this is a kiddie attraction where your kids can climb Ollie and slide off his tentacles.

The list can go on forever, honesty, you can find me most days singing “water country, water country, water country … have some fun” because my kids and are, mostly my oldest, are super excited to have this experience. I wish your family to be able to have this experience too, having been there as a teen myself, I can tell you it was a blast!

Water Country Logo

As part of my sponsorship with Water Country this Summer 2014, they are offering my readers a discount code …

$3.00 off of the $38.99 admission price using Blog30 as the promo code

If you have any issues with the promo code please do inform me, but the code Blog30 is setup to work for you to save $3.00 off the $38.99 admission price this Summer 2014 season at Water Country.  Click here to visit Water Country’s website to purchase your tickets today!

*** Follow Water Country via Twitter as @WaterCountry  *** Like Water Country on Facebook *** Follow on Instagram as @WaterCountryWP

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This article has 29 comments

  1. Kay Adeola (10 comments)

    Sounds like a a great place,My kiddies love water parks there is one near us that we are planning to go to this summer.

  2. Rosey (1060 comments)

    I like those kinds of places too. And the kids love ’em!

  3. Mitch (18 comments)

    Thanks for the info! I will have to look into that, we won’t be too far away when my goes to sleep away camp.

  4. Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama (33 comments)

    I can’t imagine that it would ever get hot enough in NH to go to a water park. I remember living in NJ and going to Sesame Place. It was always so cold! If we are ever up north, I’d like to look into taking a trip to WC..

  5. Liz Mays (149 comments)

    It’s the perfect way to cool off, that’s for sure. Talk about making a kid’s day fun!

  6. Shell (54 comments)

    This sounds like such a fun place to visit! My kids love water attractions.

  7. Theresa (61 comments)

    It sounds like they have a lot going on to keep you entertained! My kids would be thrilled to rock out with Radio Disney!

  8. Jenn p (2 comments)

    I love water parks! The best part is the Lazy River. This place looks awesome.

  9. Marina (21 comments)

    Ooooh! Fun!! Adventure River and Whirlpool sound exciting!!

  10. Elizabeth@ Food Ramblings (5 comments)

    Water Country is right down the street from me…I love it there!

  11. Veronica (37 comments)

    Seems like a fun thing to do this summer! I am not sure we will do a waterpark this year

  12. April (46 comments)

    We took our kids to a water park 2 years ago and they loved it!!! I was surprised that my 2 girls wanted to do some of the bigger rides that I won’t even do!!! LOL!

  13. Nicole Brady (3 comments)

    I love water parks. While I’m not a fan of swimming, the slides are always fun and the raft rides are great! This place would be a hit with our family!

  14. Dawn (134 comments)

    I love going to water parks. This one sounds like a ton of fun!

  15. Melissa (67 comments)

    Oh my gosh, what a fun place to be. There is so much to do! My son would love to meet SpongeBob.

  16. Elizabeth Norton (5 comments)

    I love this. What a great deal. I definitely want to go there. What a great way to spend your time during the summer.