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I have three kids, they like to play dress up on occasion. Mind you, two of my three children are boys, this means dress up to them is more about some doctor, fire man or military dress up type scenario whereas my daughter would prefer a princess or witch type costume. The kids really do enjoy pretend play, every day my home is full with laughter of children giggling while they play pretend MineCraft or other pretend games. Playing dress up with last years Halloween costumes really make for a fun, creative, imaginary play date and that is just what my kids do!

Using Halloween Costumes for Dress Up Play Time

There is nothing cuter than watching my three kiddos chase each other around the home with their funny kid costumes worn over their clothing and hearing; “oh no it’s s shark” or “Yay! I stole the pirates treasure” while the children run a muck having a blast in their prior year costumes. Encouraging a love of imagination by utilizing the prior years Halloween costumes really makes sense, it’s a low cost or virtually no cost way to continue enjoying that one time use costume.

If you have a closet full of old Halloween costumes that you are not sure what to do with, here are five ideas on how to utilize your kids prior year costumes;

  • Host a Play-date Event – Send out invites for your children’s friends to come to a party where they can bring their prior year Halloween Costume for a fun filled day of treats and adventures!
  • Mix & Match Costume Accessories – Your kids don’t fit into last years Halloween costume? No worries, put to use the accessories for a fun filed afternoon of pretend play. You can play too!
  • Put Your Parental Creativity To Use – Mix and match or cut and sew each child’s costume, if they no longer fit into them, make the costume fit the kid, not the kid fit the costume. Have fun seeing what you can turn a pirate and witch costume into with a pair of scissors, needle and thread!
  • Create a Neighborhood Costume Collection Bin & Create a Neighborhood Movie – This is a great way to recycle non-fitting Halloween costumes from your neighborhood. Use the collected costumes as a wardrobe for neighborhood kids to get together for their own movie creation while parents sit and watch the “finale” over popcorn and laughter!
  • Make a Wall of Remembrance – Use boxed frames to memorialize each child’s funniest Halloween costume through out the years, hang this in a family room as you would with their school pictures.

There are so many things you can do with kids costumes these days that you must remember these tips when your children are choosing this years Halloween costume. Remember, life is too short and there is no such thing as too much fun!

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Written by brandyellen

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  1. Lisa Thompson (5 comments)

    I love the idea of sending out invitations and inviting friends over with their costumes! I wish I would have read this before our endless snowdays! I could have been the hit of the neighborhood!
    Lisa Thompson´s last blog post ..My Goals for the Week: 2/19/14

  2. teresa mccluskey (2 comments)

    My daughters like the princess and 50’s outfit costumes! They are a lot of fun so I made them a mini closet for all their dress up stuff

  3. Jacqueline (5 comments)

    Neighborhood movie night is a GREAT idea! We have so mny kiddos in the neighborhod that all get together. I would love to see them all trade costumes and get photos of them sitting still for a change!

  4. Donna (43 comments)

    What great ideas! They could also come in handy for local theaters. My son performs at one of our local children’s theatres and they could use them, I’m sure. I think I’ll get out my son’s past costumes (except his very first one) and donate them. 🙂
    Donna´s last blog post ..30 Things I Want My Son To Know About Me

  5. Eliz Frank (13 comments)

    Those are very smart ideas on reusing costumes… I like that one above too.