E-Cigarettes – The New Generation of Smoking?

You walk into a store and there are displays showing you that Electronic Cigarettes are a more traditional way to get your nicotine fix without the other side effects that come with smoking a regular cigarette. Some see them as a way to be able to smoke on company property while working. You see, many businesses are getting a deduction in insurance if they have a smoke free facility, this means e-cigarettes are becoming something a lot of employees have started to use as a way to get their nicotine fix at their smoke free work environment.

While e-cigarettes are fairly new to our market, as least from my standpoint, I can see how they could benefit many people. Children are the first to think about with this; many parents still smoke cigarettes in their homes with children inside and vehicles while they drive their children around. Second hand smoke is really bad for you, with e-cigarettes you cut out that risk of allowing your child second hand smoke exposure. When walking out in public with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, many passer byers will get that second hand smoke but with e-cigarettes it’s simply a vapor that doesn’t affect anyone around you. This seems to be a win-win for many who are choosing to make the switch.

Not only are you decreasing the effects of second hand smoke for those around you, but many accept e-cigarettes over the traditional cigarettes for many reasons; no second hand smoke exposure, cleaner for our air and e-cigarettes look prettier in some cases. With such a wide range of e-cigarettes out on the market today, it’s no wonder many are starting to make the switch. No longer is it “cool” to have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth, society no longer accepts smokers. It’s a sad reality for many cigarette smokers. E-cigarettes have fewer stigmas attached to them, thus making it easier to smoke in public without feeling as if all eyes are on you.

It seems to be that e-cigarettes are really a better option for health reasons because they don’t have all of that extra junk in them filling your lungs up as you inhale the vapors. There are many brands, such as 21stCenturysmoke, that offer a variety of strengths and flavors for you to try if you are in the market for e-cigarettes. It’s all a matter of making the decision to switch from traditional cigarettes to the new generation of cigarettes; E cigs.

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