Our Visit to Famous Footwear in Bedford, NH

On Saturday, September 28, 2013 my daughter and I ventured out to Bedford Mall in Bedford, NH to take part in the Grand Opening Event of a new location for Famous Footwear. Chili in hand we printed driving directions and, while she made a sarcastic comment about me being lost before we even left the driveway, we had a great bonding experience on the one hour ten minute drive to Famous Footwear in Bedford, NH.

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (1)

Upon our arrival my daughter was more interested in the balloons on the outside of the store, that is until she entered the doors to Famous Footwear. Shoes everywhere. People everywhere. Sales associates greeting you with a smile and a hand to help. A live DJ on site so that the customers could enjoy an upbeat time while participating in the exciting Grand Opening Event.

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (5)

You know when you enter some stores and it’s as if you feel intimidated by the staff and are fearful to even approach them, or worse yet the associates do not even approach you to assist?! At Bedford, NH Famous Footwear location we had great customer service, they had a larger than normal staff on hand in order to provide the best customer service possible during the large grand opening event. There was a warm, happy feeling about this location of Famous Footwear. The setup made it easy to navigate to shoes of interest, the clearance racks were towards the back with easy to navigate shelves.

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (2)

My daughter was able to have her feet checked for sizing, which was good, we thought she was a 7 1/2 woman’s but in all reality she is closer to a 9 woman’s. I am a 9 1/2 woman’s, sadly she is going to have her Mama’s big feet but thankfully for Famous Footwear’s huge selection of styles and prices, us big feet woman are able to find a shoe style that works for every foot type. My daughter had a blast trying on various types of shoes!

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (3)

I had shoe goggles on, seriously! There are so many different styles of shoes that I would have loved to purchase that day but alas I was there to get my daughter a new pair of shoes. My daughter is actually wearing her new Famous Footwear shoes today to school, shown above in image to the left (black pair of dress boots she is holding).

Famous Footwear Bedford NH  (4)

While we clearly had a great time at the Bedford Mall, Bedford, NH location of Famous Footwear, I would like to share my overall feelings about this particular location of Famous Footwear:

  • Provides a warm, friendly, welcoming shopping environment.
  • Sales associates show they have been educated on all shoe types.
  • Store setup is easy to navigate and organized by shoe type in a proper way.
  • Plenty of parking spaces at the Bedford Mall parking lot.
  • Variety of prices for all budgets to be able to afford.

Will I return to this Famous Footwear location? I say yes. The location really made me feel so welcomed that I do believe my family and I will visit the Bedford Mall Famous Footwear location in the future.

Disclosure: I received a gift card for Famous Footwear, however, all opinions and experiences are that of my own and my daughter’s.


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Famous Footwear. I’m going to look them up and see if there’s one around here. We need new dress shoes for the little man before picture day rolls around. He’s outgrown his others.

    The boots your daughter picked are nice. I like the ones w/fringe too.

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