It May Be Hump Day but to me It’s Like Monday

I sit here at my desk with so many things I could be writing and sharing with you all, but to formulate one simple blog post on one topic is really just not working for my all-over-the-place brain.

I woke up on the right side of the bed with my five year old son snuggling me and being all happy with a great big hug. My son then proceeded to tell me that “there must be some cartoons on by now”. That meant *hint hint* Mama it’s time for you to wake up. I woke up, sort of. Kept hitting snooze on my alarm and laying back down, but I was awake. Then my daughter walked into my bedroom with this tween attitude asking “are you going to keep hitting snooze and laying back down or are you going to get up and make me breakfast because my stomach hurts I am so hungry”. That put me sort of in an off kilter mood because she 1) can make her own english muffin with PB (which is what she has been eating lately before school) and 2) the tone behind how she stated the question just irked me.

I rolled out of bed. Shut off my two alarm clocks and popped english muffins into toaster for the middle child and the oldest. Then I made a jelly sandwich for my youngest because the kid doesn’t eat much more than that lately and I didn’t have time to scramble eggs for him. During the process of handing plates with breakfast to everyone I was getting clothing out for the boys and making my own coffee determined to get my own self dressed soon.

facepalm sort of day

That is when my youngest decided to be angry. He did not want a jelly sandwich, was sick of me giving that to him and there was no reasoning with this child. I told my youngest that if he were not so picky that he would have other breakfast options but because he doesn’t eat near anything that is all there was. So he went without breakfast, well I do believe he took one bite.

Then it was time to get shoes on. I grabbed socks and shoes for the boys, sat on couch like I always do and asked Aj (my middle child) to come over so I could help him get his socks and shoes on. He flat out refused saying that he wasn’t putting shoes on. Mind you about one minute before this happened he was saying how all of a sudden his tummy sort of hurt and I was telling him that he isn’t going to miss school again over him getting himself all worked up. That was not an option. Shoes though, well he can put those on himself – he is 7. Since Aj was standing firm on no shoes and no school, I tossed his shoes on the couch and told him to put them on his own self, he knows how.

Moving onto the now-over-the-breakfast-battle five year old. I put his socks and shoes on, he went into his room picked out what he wanted to wear for a shirt and over shirt and then my oldest and youngest were ready for school. Meanwhile the seven year old is crying and screaming about he isn’t going to school. I explained that I didn’t care what he was saying, his siblings do need and want to get to school on time so get shoes on and let’s go. He finally had his shoes on; the oldest and youngest went outside and got buckled up in the van when I walked back inside to a 7 year old with no shoes on …

I like seriously was frustrated at this point.

Sooooo I grabbed the 7 year old boys shoes and said come on let’s go, I led him to the van and buckled him in. Told him I was getting his sister to school on time and will deal with his shoe issue at his school so if he is late that’s his problem & fault, I will not allow his actions to make his sister late to her school. Upon arrival to the boys school I was able to get the shoes on the 7 year old and give kisses and hugs .. the boys were off.

At this point I just sigh with tears just about to fill my eyes.

I held it together. Drove home and sat in my driveway listening to country music on my car radio. Then my cell phone rang. It was the daughter’s school, she was calling because she forgot something. I had to drive down to her school, get pictures sent to my cell so I could come home, print them and bring them back to her.

This all happened this morning. By 9:30am I was home, sitting at my desk ready to work, but not without first getting this mornings story out of my mind. At this point, I am just ready to laugh out loud, tears are not wanting to come, it’s just laughter, because in all reality my morning was such an odd series of events that I don’t know what else to do except be curious about what is going to happen next…..



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  1. Holy matrimony, you got your butt kicked! I’m lucky, my husband gets the kids up and running in the morning because he drives them to school. I just lounge in bed until noon. It’s the good life 🙂

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