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Today I am sharing with you all a free app that you can download from Google Play on your Android device. The app is called EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest and is rated for every age, that means my youngest can enjoy this app as well as my oldest.

EyeSpy App

One type of game that works for all three of my children is a memory game, in the past I had a leapster 2 to take along in the family vehicle on road trips, it had a fun memory game, however, the memory game was old school and not as engaging nor fun for my technologically advanced children. It seems the kids now want to use my Android device in the car because 1) it has a charger for the car and 2) it has more options of apps and games to download.  That is why when the company sent me an email about EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest, I knew it was the app for us. I hope it’s an app you all will enjoy too, especially since it’s free.

EyeSpy Game Level Challenge

Challenge yourself and your friends when you play this memory and concentration skill testing app. Colorful and bright graphics to keep the children engaged and occupied for a long road trip this holiday season. With 50 different levels, you are able to race to victory while you try to find certain items that are in your list to find. It’s like EyeSpy road version but on your Android device, no more worrying about the typical “Eye Spy” car game as you drive past the item you “spied” and leave the family frustrated. EyeSpy will eliminate the need to slow down while driving to allow the kids time to see what you “spy”, and keep the children engaged working their brain cells instead of working their sibling rivalry skills.

 EyeSpy Storyline

EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest Features:

  • 50 unique levels
  • Diverse challenges and rewards for accuracy, quickness and other spy master feats!
  • Intuitive controls and easy to understand yet endlessly entertaining gameplay!
  • Mentally engaging fun that doubles as an awesome learning experience!
  • And much more!

Why I recommend EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest:

  • Fun but educational: I’m all about teaching kids in a tricky so to speak way, they are having fun but learning without realizing it.
  • Great for Long Road Trips: Keeps the kids entertained while using their brain power on long road trips this holiday season.
  • Fun for all Ages: Even parents can enjoy this game with the children, engaging our adult brains is important too.
  • Free of Cost: There’s nothing to lose when something is free to download.

Ready to give EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest a try? Head over to your Google Play store and download EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest today!


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