Thoughts That Come to Mind While Being a Blogger for Near Five Years

In most of my blogging I am pretty open and honest about all of what I have to say, but that doesn’t mean that I “tell all”.  You see, based on experience, once you put something out there in text for someone to revisit or bring back up in a cached or saved version of text, you cannot take it back. There are some things that you simply cannot try to hide or take back after the fact. That is why, while being a blogger, I have been forced to be somewhat honest when asked about certain things because if not, then people can research back and find out otherwise. This is not a good position to be in.

Soho Hearts Multi Wrap BraceletThere are things, a lot of things, in my life I am not proud of. There are mistakes that have been made. There are decisions that were made that I wish I could take back or revisit. The thing is; you cannot erase the past and you cannot go back into the past.  Our lives are what they are, mistakes and all. What I say is live life to the fullest, be as honest as you can about yourself so that you can lead a fully, deep to your soul happy life. If you question putting something up on your site, because after you typed it all up it dawned on you that you may have written out of pure anger or some other negative emotion and if this goes live on the Internet it may cause deeper issues than what frustrated you in the first place?

If you can genuinely look at something you wrote and feel questionable as to whether putting it out there is going to be okay with you or not, then wait … make sure that when and if this goes live for the world to read that you will be seriously okay with whatever happens. For me, I write a lot based on things I see and experience. I know that I am not alone in all that I have experienced and all that I see as wrong in life; but there are some things that no matter how much I can connect with someone else in my online community that I will not share.

Some things that, while make sense to help explain the deeper part of who I am, cannot be shared for the world to read. There are things that have happened that either no one would believe happened or if they knew they would really not be too happy with some people. I don’t want to be responsible for mistakes others made in the past, I got therapy, I learned to be positive and I grew to be who I am today without bothering other people with things that should have been cleared in the air many years ago.

Anything that has happened to me in my past life is something I have grown okay with to some level. I have accepted it. I also know with my slightly new found faith that I have been blessed with more forgiveness than ever before towards others and I know it’s not may place to inflict the crime upon someone who did something many moons ago; this person shall live with such decisions within their own heart and if they have truly remorsed then that will be considered I am sure. We all do stupid things. We all make bad mistakes but sometimes, some things need to be private. I don’t write anything that I don’t want my kids to someday see, because my kids are already on the Internet so I would hate for them to happen upon a story that was not meant for them to ever know about.

Be careful what’s put out there. Anyone will be able to read it, critique it and start problems with it if they can. That’s sadly how bad most of our society has become, it’s as if common sense and common courtesy are a rare trait in people. Remember that you can only be you and you need to be proud to be you, don’t feel you have to explain yourself. Keep chugging forward … choo choo!

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  1. Friend drama is an area I wish my daughter would avoid a little better online. It’s kind of alarming how much kids share online, I tell my daughter to steer clear. She listens most of the time, but there are days she gets a little too involved. The Internet doesn’t erase, that’s for sure. Good post!!

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