Adventures in Apple Picking at Wellwood Orchard #NH #VT #apples

We had planned to go apple picking over the weekend, ultimately the plan was to have all five of our blended family kids together but that didn’t work out as planned so it was just myself, the boyfriend and my three children. Sadly his children were missed. Saturday came and we were all excited about apple picking for the first time, my daughter goes every year to Wellwood Orchard with her Dad but never had she gone with me and I have never taken the boys nor gone myself. This was a first time experience for us to apple pick as a family and while part of our family wasn’t there, they were there in spirit and hopefully they can make it on our next apple picking adventure.

 Wellwood Orchard

We started off by visiting the petting zoo area at Wellwood Orchards in Springfield, VT where you pay 50 cents per person to get into the animal pen area. There are bunnies, goats, chickens, peacocks, baby cows and much more that you can walk right up to and pet.  We used hand sanitizer after to ensure our hands were clean from petting all of those cute farm animals.

Apple Cider Wagon Rides Wellwood Orchard

You can then grab some hot apple cider for $1.00 while waiting to pay for your 1/2 bushel or more of apple picking bags. Take a picture outside with your face in an apple or other such items, there’s even a bee. Then hop onto the wagon ride {during weekend hours} to be brought up to the apple orchard.

Wooden Fun Silly Signs at Wellwood Orchard

I think the boys, mainly my little actor K-man, had a blast with the silly wooden signs that you can stick your face into. I had a ball snapping pictures, and with my new iOs 7 operating system on my iPhone the camera can snap pics one after another, making action moments captured in a fun sequence to later create a collage with Picasa.

Family Fun Apple Picking in Vermont

Since I know my boys so well, mainly that little K-man, I had boys wear orange so that I could spot them should either plan to run away at the orchard. Thankfully, things went really well and all three kids truly had a great time picking apples. My oldest served more as a tour guide and she helped assist in what apples were best to pick since she was the experienced one of the group.

Happy Sons Apple PIcking

The total paid for in apples was one bushel, that was $26 total for the day we went and you can fill that bushel bag ( given in two 1/2 bushel sizes) as full as you can get it. Those boys were determined to hold their bags for as long as they possibly could.

Family Fun Wellwood Orchard

The day was perfect. The weather held up to be wonderful, later on that day it rained. The sunshine was warm enough to keep the cool Fall air comfortable and the kids said they had a blast! I now want to make this apple picking adventure part of our family tradition every Fall. We ended up with a total of 40lbs of apples, so keep your eyes out for various apple recipes as we have fun testing out different combinations with our apples to make delicious desserts and more with our 40lbs of apples we picked. Right now I have my Auntie B’s Picky Eater Applesauce Recipe live on site for you to test out.



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  1. This does look like an awesome trip!! I wanted to head out to a pumpkin patch this weekend, but hubby’s got a math test and can’t afford the time. He doesn’t want to miss it either, so it’s on delay. 😉

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