Marry You, Marry Me? But One Must have a Ring First

Tis the season for marriage proposals! Seems to me that late Spring/early Summer is the season for the weddings and during the colder month season it becomes times for couples to engage each other with a proposal for a lifetime of love together. Notice, I did not say lifetime of bliss, but if you choose the right person to marry then I suppose maybe you will have a lifetime of bliss. It all depends on the choices we make and the first choice a person makes when proposing is the engagement ring. Mind you, not every wedding proposal carries a man down on one knee with a ring in hand but that’s my silly little fairy tale idea that plays out in most romantic films.

There are many companies online that offer a better pricing range than most local shops, at least that has been my experience. Most recently I was introduced to Whiteflash, a company that sells Certified Diamonds, Designer Engagement Rings and other jewelry for the jewelry lover in your life. If I were to ever, ever get married again I would prefer a man down on one knee with a 3 stone ring in hand, beyond that, I want him to do something unique to who he is to show his love to me in that moment. While I am not a huge money spender, I do know putting forth the most heart felt, personal proposal for the woman you love will become a memory of a lifetime.

3 Stone Proposal BandI can completely understand how it would be difficult for a man to choose an engagement ring for their proposed future wife, that is if the wife has a very specific opinion on what jewelery she will accept for an engagement ring. Maybe if that is the case, you should wait on proposing and give you a ring of commitment instead such as one of the hearts and arrows diamonds ring selections. Proposing to the woman of your dreams is not all about her, it is about the love you two share. The future wife and husband; together in harmony being one combined couple, building a family or combining a family you all have already; depending upon if you are starting fresh or coming back to the idea of marriage after having been divorced previously.

There are so many amazing wedding band ideas as well as engagement ring ideas out there for even the most simple of men. I know not all men are super romantic and that is okay but be sure to know if you are buying a ring with certified diamonds because later on when that ring breaks or a “diamond” is lost, it will be extremely important to know if you purchased a fake diamond ring (cubic zarconia) or certified diamonds. Designer engagement rings may cost a bit more, but they are known to last quite a bit longer. With some products, especially jewelry, money spent can really make or break the long term wear and tear a jewelry piece can handle.

My advice to you is that if you are ready to be proposed to, do not rush your partner into the idea. It is always best to leave the partner you absolutely love to be ready on his/her own to get to that step because then, and only then, will you know for sure that you are marrying someone who proposed to you when the time was right for you two as a couple for the long haul.

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