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Build a Childs Self Esteem

I am a huge promoter of building children’s self esteem, in my book co-authored by my daughter and me, Positive Girl: The Power of your Thoughts, we discuss how to keep your esteem high and/or build it up if you/your child are struggling with that.

Our Home Has Love

I have been watching The Fosters with my boyfriend lately and this quote above really makes me think of last nights episode. Family is what you make of it, as long as you have love, you have family!  You can always create your own family constitution which will share your own rules, expectations and love between you all as a family.

The Good Life

I firmly believe I am LIVING life and a GOOD LIFE at that, if not a GREAT life really! Hope you all remember to live a GOOD LIFE, live it fully no matter what!

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