A New Chapter in my Life

My children have two different Dad’s, my first born and only daughter has one father that I was never married to and have not been in a relationship with since she was about 4 months old {she is now almost 11 years old}. Then my two sons who are now 4 and 6 were with my ex husband, we divorced in May of 2010 { I believe}ย  but lived together off and on among trying to make things work for our sons many a times until we finally realized enough was enough and it wasn’t something you can force to work. My ex husband and I co-parent great together, I consider him a great friend and he is a fantastic Daddy to our sons. Never though, have I met someone since being married then divorced from my son’s father that I would dream of moving onto a new chapter in my life with; that is up until about six months ago.

The sun was in our eyes, pardon the squinty, closed eyes.
The sun was in our eyes, pardon the squinty, closed eyes.

In all honesty, I sort of sabotaged the idea of ever really getting into a serious relationship, I was very stuck on being upset that my marriage didn’t work. I never, in a million years wanted to co-parent a child again, let alone two more children. Then it dawned on me one day, I really have been living in loneliness because I felt it was better to be alone than to try to move on and put myself out there for that right for me man. There is nothing wrong with me moving on in my life and being happy, actually it’s what will ultimately make my children happiest! I know this but it was still extremely difficult, part of me had this feeling that raising my sons in a co-parenting environment was just not going to work, I hate being away from my boys and I hate when my four year old asks “why can’t you and Daddy get along and live together”, that breaks my heart. Reality is though, their Dad and I Just don’t work and we tried with all our might. It was time for us both to move on in our lives and find that person who works for us. I happened to find that person back in late December when I met this man for a cup of coffee. {he takes coffee black by the way, icky}


With Lee, my love, it was easy in a way to let down my guard, to just be happy. I fell head over heels in love with this man but it wasn’t an easy ride for either of us.ย  We both have our own little faults and imperfections from prior experiences in our lives but what we also have is the communication and appreciation for each other to speak about whatever comes up in our world. Our children are amazing and seem to work awesome together; he has a boy age 13 and a girl age 12. The girl gets along fantastic with my daughter and the boy, while he is a teen, does get along well with my two young sons. This has been a blessing all over and I wake up each day feeling a warmth in my heart to have been blessed to met this man one day for coffee because, without realizing it back then, it was a cup of coffee that would forever change my kids and my world.

This week we will be moving into a home together. His children are with him three weekends a month then with their Mom the rest of the time but they are still a huge part of our new blended family, and then there was seven is what I keep saying. So when you see me out and about smiling a big smile, this is why .. I finally let go and allowed myself to fall in love again with the help of watching how happy my children have become with our new blended family.

I am blessed. I am loved and I am grateful for this new chapter in my life. Cannot wait to share more about our move with you all. Remember, don’t keep your guard up in life, because once it’s let down you will see so many amazing things will go your way!

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