How about Some Silk Fruit & Protein To Brighten up your Mornings with the Kids #ad @lovemysilk #SilkFruit

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Silk blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

My morning routines before school go something like this ….

“Mom he hit me. Mom she hit me. Mom he hit me. Mom help, Karter is running after me with a broom handle”

It is always an adventure around here, but there is something I feel is vitally important before the kids head to school; that my kids are getting the best possible breakfast to assist in boosting their brains for a busy day at school. Normally I purchase the plain Jane Grape juice, which in all reality is only like 10% juice, or the orange juice that the kids picked, sometimes Sunny D, again, that’s not really juice. The point to my story is this; kids and parents need a healthy, quick nutritional boost first thing in the morning to help their brains work better and longer throughout the day. Do  you not agree?

Have you seen these Silk Fruit & Protein juice blends at your local store yet?Silk Fruit & Protein blends came out sometime last year and the purpose is just what I am seeking; get those kids some nutrition on the fly, meaning those busy “we have 20 minutes to get three of us ready” type of mornings, where the kids are trying to grab something quick like to ensure they at least eat on the ride down to the school. It’s a hectic job getting three siblings to stay on track first thing in the morning, especially this close to the end of the school year. The kids brains are starting to turn to Summer Brain and it’s making our mornings run later.

With my middle child, who is on a medication with a side effect of “increased appetite”, I have been looking for ways to sneak in more protein into his diet as a way to keep his side effect of increased appetite at bay. Silk Fruit & Protein seems to be a good option, after all my middle child LOVES his fruits & veggies and with flavor options of Mixed Berry, Mango Peach, and Strawberry Banana, I am sure to find a flavor each of my three kids will enjoy. Another thing about Silk Fruit & Protein that appeases this Mom is that it also has Calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D; I must give this a try!

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So the next morning when my kids are all getting ready for school hopefully I will have a nice glass of Silk Fruit & Protein in two different flavor options to offer the kids as  a way to engage a conversation of fruity yummy-ness rather than who hit who with what household item sort of morning!

Cheers to better and more nutritional mornings! Click here to learn where you can find this product at a location near you!

“This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Silk blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”

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