All you Saw was Sugar?

I never really look at a picture of someone else kids and only see whatever food or drink items they are holding. I just don’t work that way. When I see a picture on Facebook or online with someone’s happy children, I just see the smiles and happiness within the picture. Apparently when I posted this picture…

cover photo FB

All everyone saw was sugar? Are you freaking serious? My 4, 6 and 10 year old just walked about 1.5 miles  in preparation to walk another 1.5 miles back home and all you are going to do is say they shouldn’t have sugar. Yeah, you are right, maybe a long walk like that deserved a better energy type snack but the story behind the WHY we even walked to the store would make sense as to why they are holding their slushies {previously called Slush Puppies when I was young} and their choice of candy snack.

For one, I don’t buy candy on a regular basis. I am not a health freak but there are certain snacks that come on occasion. I have not had a ton of money lately so my kids get what they can get at this time, and not getting the fruits I would normally purchase because we basically will probably be living off of pasta for a month during our transition to a new place. That is just how it is.

I have lived this way before and I will do it again. I have zero issues allowing my daughter to spend her own money on her snack after taking such a long walk with me, who cares. It’s not like that zebra cake in her face is something I buy all of the time and even if I did, it’s my choice. Remember #strongmomsempower That means back off, and just share the happiness of my proud Mom moment showing off that my kids walked such a length, together, happily with their Mom and followed all safety rules during the walk.

I would much rather allow my kids to have sweets from time to time than let them grow up with having no sweets. Do you realize that once I hit 18 I spent near $300 on little debbie snacks because they were not something I could even have the luxury of fully enjoying as a kid? I know other adults that as a child were never, ever allowed to have any sweets and they became sweet aholics as adults. So to me, if I let the kids have their own little piece of the sweet world from time to time, then they will never really have that feeling of indulgence on them because I am teaching them that such food is okay in moderation.

Besides, you are only a kid once. My sons hate walking, so for them to walk near 3 miles without complaint? I personally feel that deserves a nice treat. The whole reason we walked anyways was because when I went to start my car to drive down there, it had no gas in it, so the kids decided let’s walk to get our slushy then. The store is about 1.5 miles down the road. So we walked down, took quick break and walked back.

Happily. Merrily. And yes, I let them have a sugar treat alongside a slushy and we even had my 24oz water bottle that we sucked down on way down to the store. It’s all good. I don’t raise my kids to make you happy, but please next time you want to post something that can be attempted to be judging or telling another parent what to do, think twice before you hit that little enter key. There is no need, just be happy that someone else is happy, thanks!

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  1. I was allowed sweets when I was a child, and I loved them too. I grew up to make very healthy choices when it comes to food and exercise, and I’ve passed that on to my kids. But we all still indulge from time to time. And I never feel bad about it, quite the opposite, we view it as a treat. 🙂

  2. i see nothing wrong with getting a treat at the end of a walk…took my son on a walk last week to get milk…got him a klondike bar while there to eat on the way home…..he didn’t get a sweet for dessert that night but even if he had…isn’t childhood for treats every now and then?

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