Short Term Shortage for Long Term Happiness

Sometimes life throws me 100 curve balls at once and it’s uber frustrating to try to stay on the happy train, the oh everything will work out just fine thought pattern. Then there are those times when you have 100 things tossed at you and you take the time to separate each into priority. Once you check off one item, you move onto the next. Do not take too much time, but try to just resolve this one thing then the next and the next. Like I wrote the other day, sometimes you have to just take one thing at a time.


Right now I have to do a lot because I am moving, into another house. The lease here is up and it’s time to move on so that my Mom can move back here with her husband and their pets. There is a lot more land here for the horses and she has her own plans. After about a year and a half it’s time for me to move onto my next chapter, as it is for her too. I am ready, but what it entails is a huge list of things to do.

I have to not only keep up with my three kids who have school, various other appointments and such going on, but I have to pack and keep my work from home stuff going or else I run out of money. There is a lot of upfront costs associated with this move and it’s been a game of “what can wait” and “what can not wait”. It’s a process of just focusing on the one thing but also realizing what is most important to complete first to ensure moving date of mid June.

So far everything has started aligning up great. Each day we take a moment to focus on one thing and that gets crossed off. We are amazed that so much of our plan to move has started to align so well. The only downfall is that some bills are not able to be paid right away, they will have to wait. The upfront costs of moving are really expensive and so while I wish I could pay some of the bills I have piled up, they have to wait and I send what I can or work out deals with those companies or people. It’s just how it is right now.

In the meantime I foresee living on pasta and other inexpensive meal ideas for a month because there won’t be much extra hanging around for normal $100 a week or $150 a week groceries. Tips on cheap meals that can be made and worked out for leftovers would be ideal for me right now.

I have lived in ways where I was so broke that I could only eat mac n cheese or ramon noodles and I was fine with that. I haven’t ever had a ton of money, I live pay check to pay check, well I live pay period to pay period, whenever clients or contracts pay out. It works for me. I just have always lived this way and for me, to give up a little bit for a short period of time, it’s not a huge deal. I just have to remind myself that in a month everything will be changed to be new, better and the start of a new chapter.

Think of hard times as this “it’s a short term shortage for long term happiness”.

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  1. So exactly the way my wife and I have had to do things since I got laid off. You do what you can and, as Wet Willie said many years ago, “Keep on…smilin’ through the rain…laughin’ at the pain…”.

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