OCD Disorder in Both Child and Adult

I live my life each day to notice how I work, what it is that makes me tick so to speak and the various odd behaviors or habits I may have. As a Mom of a bipolar son and two other children, I also try to be aware of the children’s various habits as well as what makes them tick as an individual. I firmly believe that my oldest, middle child and I each have our own OCD {Obsessive Compulsive Disorder} moments.

Three Amigos Voting on Kids Choice AwardsFor me, it’s the window and door locks. Before heading to bed for the night or leaving my home I have to be positive each door and window has been locked. I will even go so far as to get to my car, have to turn around, run back up the deck just to check that the door to the house is locked even though I know I locked it. It’s just something I cannot control, I must do it nearly every time I leave the house. OCD much?!

With my oldest, she has to have her bed made just the right way each night before climbing into bed. I never understood this OCD habit she has, but she seriously cannot lay down in her bed to be tucked in each night unless she has made her bed just right. My daughter seriously makes her bed before getting into it to destroy it while she sleeps at night. This is a habit she has had for years and she seriously cannot resist doing it, I have tried to get her to stop. It is her OCD much moment.

My middle child, who was diagnosed bipolar last year, also has his own OCD habits. There are so many to list for this child of mine, but one that sticks out in my mind is the fact that he thrives on a routine. For bedtime, I have to do the same thing every night, if something as small as teeth brushing is out of order; let’s say I have him brush his teeth before bath instead of after, he cannot handle it and has a total meltdown. Anything out of order in his routine is unacceptable. Also my middle child must count things, he has done this since he was little, while this OCD habit has disappeared slightly over the years, I have noticed that he still has this need to count stairs, squares on the floor or ceiling and what not.

OCD is something many suffer from and something I didn’t realize is that there is actually major cases of OCD, this is when OCD is to the point that you cannot live a somewhat normal life. If the OCD you have is extremely noticeable and is affecting your ability to lead a somewhat normal life then there are treatment centers which can assist in helping you cope with OCD. There are OCD Treatment Centers all over the world for you to look into if you feel that your OCD is out of control.

I personally am thankful that there isn’t a major case of OCD in the kids world, but I do know many who struggle with this. Do you know anyone who struggles with OCD?

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  1. I see people posting about it often, so I’m thinking there are a lot of cases of it running rampant, but I haven’t seen it in person. That I know of, anyway!

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