Watching My Youngest Grow Up

My baby is four years old, he is in pre-k and is making lots of friends. K-man has grown from the nickname Baby-K to Monster-K in a short year because he will no longer allow anyone to call him the baby in the family. I keep explaining that he is my baby and he is the baby of the family but the term baby apparently is unacceptable to him.

I love watching as he takes strides in being independent and taking to be his own little unique person, always the comedian in the family, he allows us to laugh when things get a little hectic around here. Doing such things as rolling down his car window to ask a passing by jogger “what’s the big rush” and modeling for various pictures , begging me to get my phone camera out to take a picture.

K-man is a bit into himself and around this home he usually is all about him, rarely caring or taking kindly to his siblings wants or needs. It’s all about K-man these days and I don’t know if that is normal for a four year old but man I hope it’s just a phase because having a confident child is great but bordering arrogance is another story altogether.

This past weekend K-man had a girl from his class over because her Mom and her attended my pizza party event. Later on that day, when I ventured downstairs to the kids cave, I noticed that the basement was rather clean. Do not get me wrong, it was a still a kids cave area by far, but there was a certain organization about it. The K-man asks me if I think it’s clean and I said to him that it does look pretty clean, did they all clean when the adults were upstairs mingling over pizza and Dr. Pepper?

Then K-man says to me

” I have to keep my room clean because C {the girl who came} says that she will come by again and she doesn’t ever want to see this room look like this again”.

I started laughing so hard! My little man is already taking orders from a little girl, and he is only four. What am I going to have on my hands when this cute little boy is a teen? Let’s hope he continues to listen to females and understand that they know all 😉

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