Totally Self Disciplined and Focused and Dare I Say Crazy?

I would love to know who I should thank in my family for my self disciplined personality and driven to succeed attitude? Maybe that is all me. Maybe I am a self taught awesome work from home woman, but I think some has to be credited to my parents as well as grandparents and aunt for pushing me to be who I can be. All I can be. I was the first born and a lot of responsibility was placed on my shoulders. My Dad is pretty laid back but always used to refer to me as the responsible child.

For instance, back in my younger years when I felt my parents just didn’t get me or mostly my Mom didn’t get me, I ran away. I drank alcohol and no need to mention all of the other trouble I got into. The thing that shocks me thinking back is that I was the girl who ran away to stay with her boyfriend but made her boyfriends older brother bring her to the bus stop to get on the bus for school every day. Seriously? Who runs away from home and makes sure to hold the responsibility of going to school? I do.

I also remember drinking all hours of the nights. Sneaking out of my bedroom and so much more. I would go and take my high school finals one year with a buzz from drinking so much the night before and still pass with an A on that final exam. Crazy. I think it’s just who I am. It is who I was built to be. I made horrible decisions yet on the other spectrum of life, I made good decisions.

I am one mix of a person but working from home has not only been a blessing that I am able to do, it has been a life saver. I have my hands full with a tween daughter, a hyper four year old and a son who is six years old diagnosed with a mood disorder/bi-polar. The kids have so many appointments, sports and events that if I held a normal 9-5 office job like I used to, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I do enjoy with my kids nor would I probably make many work hours because of the appointment load with my middle child.

So when my cell phone is going off. Facebook is blinking at me from my cell. Instagram people are commenting on my photos and twitter is telling me I have new replies. I let them be. I do not look at every ding and beep my cell phone makes, not during my work hours. If I have no kids, then I am working. Wednesdays you can just about forget reaching me unless I have already made an appointment with you. That is the one full day of no kids for me and is the one day I work all day, to include setting lunch dates with prospects or clients for my VA business.

Life is good. Life is Great. But there is a song much prefer to quote “God is great, Beer is good and People are crazy”. If ever crazy were used to define me, which it sometimes is by my closest of friends and tween daughter, it would be meant in the most positive of adjectives ever.

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