Thinking About Editorial Calendar and Blogging World in 2013

The year 2013 is just around the corner and with the New Year comes people celebrating all night long til that breath taking ball in Times Square, NYC drops with the countdown to midnight. At midnight you are to get a kiss from that love one, at least so I hear. With the New Year on the forefront of everyone’s mind so is the discussion of New Year’s resolutions; if you have been following me for the four years I have been online, then you will know that I do not make resolutions; what I do each New Year is revisit my goals to see where I stand with them and I set some new ones.

Happily Blended NH Mom Blogger Goals

Even though my main stream of income is being a NH Mom Blogger, and it may seem like you just sit and write; which I really do, there are goals to be set in place. I was actually talking to my Dad about some of my business goals this year, for example it’s time for me to step up a notch with my brand, I also have to take some time to setup an editorial calendar for the year, maybe use the Blogging Planner as a way to help me set guidelines so that I can be better with the search engine traffic during the various holidays and national celebrations such as Breast Cancer Awareness month and others.

So as I move into my New Year 2013 as a single mom of three, I wonder what is it that I have completed and had set for goals in 2012 and what is it that I need to do in 2013 to make my 2013 start with a BANG? I am making a list here to see if I can come back at end of 2013 and have reached or surpassed these goals:

  • Have a steady brand contract for each month, whether same one or new each month, that pays for my time to spread the news about their brand/product or service.
  • Start writing more passionately about things that are lessons learned in the life of raising three kids and being single.
  • Share more Blogging Support and Work at Home Support articles with tips, tricks and advice on how others can be successful working from home whether for part time or full time income.
  • Get at least one more ad network to work with me via CPM.
  • Increase monthly income by $400 per month using ad networks, paid content and brand ambassadorships.

In order to meet and/or surpass my goals, I promise to:

  • Apply and/or accept programs that are a true fit for what I am passionate about instead of taking whatever is offered to me.
  • Focus on pitching brands/products that I can write about with passion, thus creating a better content supply here on site and my other blog.
  • Plan ahead, maybe with the Blogging Planner, so that each month is planned ahead of time with some open slots as advertisers or guest bloggers may need to be fit in periodically.
  • Write more guests post on other blogs that are a good fit. Find new Blogs to comment on and read regularly.

Overall, I think know this New Year 2013 is going to start with a BANG because there is no other way for me, the kids need a roof over their heads, heat in their home, clothes on their bodies and a Mom who is making money so she doesn’t sink into a state of depression not being able to support her kiddos. This New Year 2013 in blogging as  a NH Mom Blogger on my blogs is going to ROCK like no other year before.

What are some of your blogging goals for 2013 New Year?

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  1. Good luck to you with your new year! Your blog is already fantastic, so that already puts you in a great starting position. I hope you meet all the goals you’re hoping to in 2013!

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