Odd Pregnancy Cravings

It’s suppose to be a joyous time, you are expecting baby and this little bundle of joy is growing inside of you. At your ultra sound appointments you have to wonder, is this an alien child, for it truly is nothing but a skull shape peeking at you through this computer like screen. You watch as your belly expands, your breasts grown and you are filled with love, worry, fear and the thoughts of what if you are not ready, all at once. For me, pregnancy was not bliss, but I am having fun watching my sister grow from a woman to a mother.

In just a few short weeks I will become an auntie to one little baby girl named Olivia and I can not wait to meet this little bundle of joy. I enjoy talking to my sister, helping the best I can to alleviate some fears, worries and concerns she has over her pregnancy and new “job” of being a Mom. I think she will do just fine. I am so proud of who she has become after where she has been.  I can not think of any odd pregnancy cravings that she has shared with me, but I do recall having some of my own with my first born child.

During the pregnancy of my daughter I would often crave a toasted english muffin with scrambled eggs and peanut butter as well as American cheese on top. A PB, egg and cheese mcmuffin if you will. It was the most delicious thing to me during those pregnancy months, but makes me wanna throw up a bit in my mouth at the thought of it now.

I didn’t really crave pickles with any of the pregnancies as some do. I didn’t have any of the normal cravings, so to speak. I also started to grow a love of spicy foods while pregnant with my first born. I recall going to Chili’s Restaurant and enjoying their buffalo wings so much. It was a messy treat, but wow I could not get enough of them. I also started to use crushed red pepper on mashed potatoes, pasta and anything that made sense to me, a habit that stayed with me long after that pregnancy.

With my sons, I have a hard time remember which was what, but I do recall craving deli meat ham with one of the boys. I would purchase the deli ham shredded and eat a whole pound in one seating. It was crazy. All of that sodium and fattening ham, but it was oh so delicious. I couldn’t eat enough of it.

The cravings of a pregnant woman must always be met, for we are not the friendliest of creatures if our man is not meeting our craving needs. Yes men, that means if you have a pregnant wife or girlfriend and she is craving ice cream with pickles? You get it for her. Don’t have it in the fridge and freezer? You best be packing up and grabbing those keys to run to the store for you are about to see sweet woman turned monster in 2.0.

I ask you all, what did you crave when you were pregnant? Or what did your significant other crave while she was pregnant?

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  1. I never craved pickles, either. With my first, I craved ranch dressing. I put it on EVERYTHING. With my second, it was big macs from mcdonald’s. I am not usually big on eating from there, but it was that “special sauce” that I craved. I just couldn’t get enough lol.

  2. With pregnancy one, I wanted MILK. I’d call my husband panicked if there was less than half a gallon in the fridge. With my second it was cheese. With my third, popsicles.

    NEVER did I Crave pickles!

    ps i didnt’ know you were from NH- i lived in webster then went to psc and we spent summers on winnipesaukee every year of my life until 2 years ago!

  3. I used to crave Taco Bell. Ew of all things! LOL
    Also McD’s chicken nuggets and fries. I mean WHAT!? It’s so not like me! LOL

    I don’t think I could eat egg and PB together! Ever! haha – so funny thanks for sharing your cravings story!

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