The Greatest Game Ever With the Kids

I remember my first game of using JT SplatMaster guns. There was a large, tree-filled reservoir behind the backyard of a friend of mine, and me and some friends had all bought some new gear from JT SplatMaster for our kids. My two little boys couldn’t stop talking about it. The little pistols and fun little rifles shot out color-filled ammo pellets, and our kids were dying to play some games with each other.

I bought everything – ammo cases, face masks, extra cartridges. There was going to be about 15 of us, kid and adults, and I wanted to be ready. My little guys, Tyson and Chandler, were 10 and 12 years old, and that’s right about the age when they think they’re the greatest at everything, so of course they insisted on an adults-versus-kids game! So at the beginning, we went over the rules, loaded up our ammo, and set up a variety of different targets and obstacles to avoid.

Of course, me and the other dads were really confident we were going to squash the youngsters in accuracy. I mean, we were the dads. We all kind of chuckled before, talking about how intense and into-it the kids could get when playing against each other. Then we started. And let me tell you – our kids were into it.

The kids hit almost every target on their first run! They ran through the course, each kid picking a different route, and by the end of it, they had a great time, and had hit every target.

“Ok guys, let’s show the kids how it works,” one of the dads said. So it was our turn, and we ran through the obstacle course, and we did great – we also hit every target (a few missed shots), but we finished in a great time, too.

Then everyone became motivated. The kids seemed to be completely in-sync in their next target runs, aiming together and working as a team. Us dads were falling behind! One after the other, the dads groaned when a huge “splat” signaled the kids hit another target! Soon it was down to the final run, and the dads had a big task ahead of them.

On our final run, we did excellent – but it wasn’t enough. The kids hit more targets than we did, and more accurately, too. Of course, their were more kids, and they had more ammo, but they won, fair and square.

The boys, triumphant, had definitely earned their win – working hard, together, us dads couldn’t have been more proud of our little boys in this fun outdoor game, even if we lost the obstacle course.

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