You Are Part of a Team, Not a Quitter

When it comes to children playing sports do you require them to stay on the team for the duration of the season and explain that to them from the day they decide to join?

Well when it comes to sports, I am new to having two kids in sports as of last school year, and I always explain my expectations to my kids; once they start a sport and are part of the team they must continue out the season. I feel that unless there is some health reason or major reason as to why they can not participate in the sport they must continue and give their all for the remainder of the season and simply choose not to sign up the following season if they truly decide this is not a sport they like.

The reason I make my kids finish is because I firmly believe in keeping your commitments in life, this means if I committed to do a project for a friend but half way through I realized the project was a total pain in my ass that I would complete the project as stated – not bow out and leave my friend high and dry.  Basically you need to finish what you started and with sports it’s vitally important to remember it’s about the “team” not just your own whim to quit.

Last year was the perfect example, my daughter did cheer-leading for the first time and soccer for her fifth year. For some reason my daughter just did not want to do soccer, she isn’t competitive in nature so I can assume that plays a big part of her outgrowing the recent years soccer games, it gets more competitive the older you are. I was fine with her no longer doing soccer, that is if she decided that this upcoming year. The season must be finished and she must try — like it or not.

Thankfully my daughter knew I would say that and respected it, she finished out the season and actually seemed to enjoy herself a bit! Now as my son gets older, being that he will be six years old next month, he will start taking part in sports and since he is a HUGE competitive person who loves sports, I bet he won’t want to quit but rather want to play sports all year long! We shall see, and I will give him the same lecture I give my daughter with every thing she wants to sign up for – once you sign up and are on the team, you are committed until end of season no if, ands or buts!

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  1. What a great lesson! I also tell my daughter to stick with it until the session is over, which is usually only a few months at best. Unless it’s absolutely horrible, I want her to learn to put forth effort even though it may not be her favorite thing to do. If she perseveres she might actually like it and, if not, at least she will know she tried and gave it her best.

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