What’s The Big Deal; SAHM, WAHM, Work Outside of Home Mom

I have been reading all over the Internet about the controversy, judgements and just simple discussions of moms occupation choices and I guess I just do not understand what the big deal is? I mean kudos for the publicity because it makes some of these Mom’s money with this awesome exposure, but for others who do not make money from the exposure or are at home with self esteem issues, these topics and judgements can be painful to them.

For the record; SAHM means stay at home mom, WAHM means work at home mom, and of course work outside of home mom means a mom who works at a job outside of her house.

There are also a lot of stay at home Dad’s and work at home Dad’s who don’t seem to get hit with judgement or ridicule as often as the Mom’s do. It seems a Dad who works or stays at home is a saint while Mom’s are just  plain wrong or lazy. Come on people, are you serious?

I personally feel that a parents occupation has zero to do with who they are as a parent, this means a term {that I do use} such as WAHM really is irrelevant, right? I mean who cares if you are a work at home MOM, can’t we be a WAHW – work at home woman? Sometimes the mom term can deter companies from hiring you as their professional addition to a virtual team, while other times having the Mom in that acronym actually pays big time.  Brands and businesses are catching on that Moms really do mean business when they are working from home. Who wouldn’t mean business when working from home raising children? We have to make sure our children are taken care of in addition to supporting a household, so those who work from home do not mess around! {before you take that out of context, this is not to say those who work outside of the home DO mess around}

Aside from all that, does it really matter what a woman chooses to do for an occupation? Does it make someone stronger or weaker to work outside of the home? There are many pros and cons to working from a home office and working outside of the home, there are also pros and cons to being a stay at home mom. The decision to be whatever you want to be is our American freedom, so is the right to your own opinion, however, the right to your own opinion doesn’t make it morally acceptable to lash out, judge and bash another human being; parent or not.

Let’s teach our future generation some good manners, morals and what is acceptable to put out there in society. Can’t we all agree to go by the old school saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all”?

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  1. Well said!
    Every decision we make involves sacrifice of one type or another, and as women we of all people should realize that. We need to band together, not get into the cat-fight of criticizing others who are different. Criticism is easy…and small. It takes a big person to realize that not everyone needs to be like me to be right or good.

  2. As a man, I can say this happens to men but I also fulfill the “mom” role, have a bit of a role reversal happening where my wife is too busy with work/school/blog. Having another child, and one that won’t sleep and is demanding has made me see things way different. This has been those most exhausting, depressing, thankless job I’ve ever had. I’m also running two businesses from home which has been pretty easy to do honestly but unfortunately I don’t feel my worth is in being the mom around here so my wife can get her work done and sleep (mom to me is being that 24/7 night nurse/running to see what the “patient” needs at all times, making sure they get their meals & medicines, are entertained, teaching, and having fun time). I admittedly feel trapped sometimes and have been looking at job postings a lot just dreaming about the old days of going to work and zoning out and getting paid much better, but I think supporting my wife in what she does right now and taking care of the kids for her is more important and were making good money it’s just not as much s we are used to. Part of the reason we are doing things this way are me being partially disabled so I can’t just go back to my old job, but I have learned how hard it is when your spouse is gone all the time and I was gone weeks at a time and she really didn’t like being left alone like an army wife all the time.

  3. I think people just like stereotyping, maybe it makes them feel better about themselves or something. It does seem that people look down on SAHM as lazy women that do nothing all day long except cook, clean, and walk around in pajamas all day (although I do like doing the last one).

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