Jenny The Pug is Something Else

Many of you have been introduced to Jenny the Pug and I have to share some updates about this sweet Pug.  I haven’t researched the Pug breed too much more other than what people have told me and the previous owners provided me in her little folder with vet records. So pardon me if this story fits the pug personality to a T because it just shocks me and makes me laugh daily, and if I were more familiar with the breed maybe then this personality would not be as shocking to me.

Jenny the Pug refuses to sit on the recliner, bed, doggy bed, couch, etc without another human being near her, mainly me. Jenny the Pug has taken me in as her human friend and companion, if I go she goes, if I sleep she sleeps, if I play she plays. You see we are two peas in a pod, she is my sidekick and I am hers.

It’s an absolute riot to watch Jenny the Pug because when we are all downstairs enjoying some family time in the living room or playing in my sons room, Jenny sits at the top of the stairs and whines & barks because she refuses to come downstairs for whatever reason yet refuses to be satisfied staying upstairs alone. As I start to walk upstairs to greet miss spoiled Jenny the Pug she turns to go towards my bedroom, where “our” recliner is and stops to turn grunting at me to ensure I am following her to our special recliner. If I don’t head to the recliner, instead maybe head towards the kitchen area, she will keep following me all the while grunting at me as if she is speaking to me.

When I cook dinner, Jenny the Pug sits and stares while grunting at me in the kitchen until she finally realizes that I am cooking dinner so I am unable to leave the kitchen to sit with her on the recliner so she will let out a big sigh and grunt then plop herself on the kitchen floor to lay until I am done cooking dinner. Jenny the Pug is spoiled, loved and just a joy to have around. I am happy that after moving from her family she had known since 8 weeks of age to ours at age 5 that she has fit in so much so that it’s as if we have had her all of her life.  Jenny the Pug is certainly a dog meant to be ours!

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  1. Too cute! A friend of mine has several Pugs and is very involved with a “pug rescue” group. Can’t imagine giving up such a sweet dog!

  2. So sweet! I had been looking for a dog to add to our family, but I really wanted to go through a rescue. My heart was set on a pug, but after months, I never found one in rescue. So we found our love, a beagle/basset mix. He is amazing.
    I imagine one day we will have our pug as well. They’re so stinkin adorable 🙂

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