How to Create a Kids Christmas List

It is that time of year again, the snow has already fallen in NH, yes we had a snow storm in October. Some places had 31″ while I had 5″ that soon melted away with the warm, sunny days that followed but the sign of snow reminded me just how close to the gift giving season we are. The kids are all ready to see Santa Claus and my youngest only wanted a candy cane for Christmas, that is until his sister created her Christmas wish list.

The best way to create a Christmas wish list, from a bloggers perspective, is to read online reviews and ask around as to what other bloggers recommend, but the way that works best for children is commercials. You know this time of year those toy commercials are in full swing promoting every cool product that kids just have to have this year.

My daughter caught onto the fact that there are so many toy commercials and decided to channel surf, but not for shows that may be on, instead my daughter decided to channel surf for toy commercials. Yes you heard me right, my daughter spent most of her Saturday morning surfing the television for the best toys possible in commercials and had a notepad with pencil beside her to create a list like no other.

Since the three year old spotted his sister doing this and so did the five year old, I now have two boys who want everything. The cute thing about the boys is that the three year old wants literally every single toy he sees, yes even Barbie on a horse and Barbie on DVD, he has no judgement as to whether the toy would be ideal for a girl or a boy – he just wants everything. There goes his whole “all I want is a candy cane” because now he says “I want everything and a candy cane for Christmas”. **sigh**

My five year old wants every possible boy product there is out there, from wrestling to the Nerf foam gun products. The five year old is just loving everything he sees that is boy related and promptly asks to have it placed on his Christmas wish list.

The children are busy creating their Christmas wish list for Meme and Santa Claus by watching commercials daily.I suggest this technique for any parent who has a child who isn’t quite sure what they want this year, but remember it could backfire into a huge want, want, want bug which means time to sit and explain the true meaning of  the holiday season as you celebrate it; giving to others, enjoying the lights, being thankful for family, etc.

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  1. So commercials are the new catalog? I’m old, I remember looking through the big Sears Wish Book making my list.

    I think it helps some kids to give them a number, my son can put ten items on his list, for example. For some kids it might be a higher or a lower number, but if you have or know a child that will give you fifty items on a list, a number is a good way to start.

    You can also have them make their own lists for what they want to give other people, family and friends, even if the items won’t be bought or given, to help them think more about others.

  2. That’s funny that your little boy wants everything that he sees, regardless if it’s a barbie, lol. Christmas is going to be tricky this year for us. We will have to buy a lot of duplicates as my boys are about 2 years apart and fight over EVERYTHING right now.

  3. My ILs are in NH too…the storm knocked their power out for a bit. We figured it was karma because they’d teased us about our early storms here in CO.

    My 4 year old also wants everything she sees in a commercial. My 6 year old wants everything VicTORIous and Barbie. I’m just glad the baby is too young to know what’s going on. lol

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