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I have been working on and brainstorming up a wonderful idea! The basic idea behind the Brandy Ellen Blogging Support Group will be to cross promote each other through various places, assist in promoting daily blog posts, and much more! This will include once a week meetings {virtually that is} that will also be typed up by me within 48 hours for those who are unable to attend the weekly meeting.

I am sure if you know and trust me you will understand that this is going to be HUGE and a great way to build your brand, blog and make friends! There are some specific criteria involved in order to become a member as well as some information I wish to provide to you beforehand so that you may sign up to be on the list to get emailed as soon as I am ready to get started, hoping by Monday September 13th we will have our first group all set up and ready to go! This has been extended as we work to fully organize the group(s).


  • Assisting in money making through various outlets that you already utilize or wish to sign up for.
  • Sharing knowledge with each other to help boost brand and income.
  • Daily promotion of blog posts, giveaways and whatever you need help with, this includes Twitter RT’s.
  • Groups will be no larger than 10 and hopefully no smaller than 8 bloggers at a time {will create multiple groups if necessary}.
  • Much, Much more once we get a group or two set up you will see this will certainly be a major support group!


  • Must be honest and open to supporting other bloggers succeed.
  • Must have a blog {page rank, visitors, etc  do NOT matter}.
  • Must be willing to be placed into a monthly drawing for prizes or cash money!
  • Must have Skype or willing to download it. {I will invite you to the group you are assigned to – and I will be a member of ALL groups to monitor them & assist all}.
  • Must have the ability to log into Skype at least ONCE per day to help promote each days posts from your group.

If this sounds like something you will be interested in joining, please sign up for the email list below so that once I am ready to get groups together and invoices out I can send out information to you in an organized manner!


NO FEES TO START!!! There will be paid options in the future but for now let’s get together, support each other and start making more money or some money if you are not already!

I appreciate any donations you can lend below via PayPal to help me monitor the group and make the group more active and supportive {no donation required, but always thankful for any donations}:

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  1. Sounds interesting, but I’ve never used Skype before…have absolutely no idea how it works….is it something fairly simple that would take just a few minutes???

    1. Deb – Skype is similar to Yahoo Messenger or other messenger programs. Go to and download it. I would be more than happy to help anyone with it should they need help! It works as most other messengers except this is a bit more professional with more options than a basic messenger. Email me anytime! Are you going to sign up? and try to join us?

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