Finding Motivation and Smiles

The change of seasons is always a way to either boost or diminish your happiness! As the happy lady who enjoys making others smile and spreading positive thinking, I admit this time of year I get in a “mood”.  Depressing thoughts consume my mind, I am ready to sleep all day and sometimes even feel like crying for no reason at all. Add in the stress from various family situations, well it makes it hard to find that positive but I am determined to find my smile again.

I thought I would discuss my change in mood this time of year because I am certain the mood change may happen with many others as well. I have allowed the sad thoughts to consume my mind for a couple of days and now I am ready to focus on and find my positive!

Here are some things you can do to find your happy again during a time of depression or similar state of mind:

  • Spend more time with your children, taking silly pictures or making silly faces.
  • Take a nice long walk (bundle up if too cold) and clear your mind.
  • Call your favorite friend and see if they can get together for a night out together.
  • Write a poem, story, blog post or similar. Writing always helps clear my mind.
  • Stop thinking about what you “don’t like” about your current situation and start focusing on what you “do like” in your current situation.

For example on the last bullet point; I have had a lot of negative things happen in my family situation since the end of August and it’s been a hard road to try to find what’s going to fix the situation and not only make me happier, but my family as well. You see we are in this together so when Mama isn’t happy neither are the children! I decided to remember my blog and how many people I reach daily through this blog, I remembered how many new friends I have made on Facebook who seem to genuinely care about me.  My virtual assistant business was founded in March 2009 and in that short amount of time I have been able to bring in a part time income working less than three hours a day! These are all great things that have happened to me, and so how can I allow this “mood” to change what’s so wonderful in my life?!

What is it that will make you smile again? What do you like to focus on during times of hardship and change of seasons?

Make it a Happy Day!

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  1. They way I have been taught is that with the changing seasons, with fall you take all the things you’ve held on too that made you feel bad and you let them go. Like the trees let their leaves go so they may rest and bloom and come back better than the year before, so must we let things go as you said that make us unhappy and hold onto, find and renew what does make us happy. A lot of people look at the fall as gloom, the coming of the cold winter months BUT winter is beautiful, pure and renews everything for spring to bring everything back stronger.

    Your posts have been great and really speaking to my heart girl! I am blessed to have found ya!!

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