Using Entrecard To Increase Traffic

I am uncertain when I first started using Entrecard, but it has been a useful tool for me to:

  • Gain more traffic; both unique and overall visitors.
  • Gain more comments.
  • Gain more subscribers to blog & newsletter.
  • Meet new bloggers with similar interests which can open up link exchange opportunities (great SEO – Search Engine Optimization)

How Entrecard Works:

Entrecard is a free service, you can visit and sign up for your free account. Once you have verified your email or confirmed everything they require to be confirmed for sign up, you pick a widget and copy the HTML code from widget on Entrecard to your website or blog. Once your widget has been scanned by Entrecard and confirmed to be on your site, you can start “dropping”.

How to Drop and Why You Should:

Dropping is what you do to get Entrecard Credits which can be used to advertise on other Entrecard widgets. Essentially this is a free way to get traffic and advertise! There are many lists to add your blog URL to which will help get more people to drop on you, the two I use are:

  1. I am Buraot Entredropper
  2. Sited and Blog Entrecard list

You need to click on “dashboard” and then on “drops inbox” to see who has dropped on you. First visit each of those websites, if you have a fairly fast computer you can hold the CTRL key and click on each site to open in new tab. Simply visit each blog and click the “drop” button, then have a look around their site or simply close out the tab/window then move on to the next one. I have this down to about 30 minutes (sometimes less) a night doing 300 drops, but I started at 2 hours doing 300 drops. You can do up to 300 drops a night but I recommend anywhere from 60-100 as that will help increase traffic from the get go!

Any questions or something to add to my post? Please ask in comments section and then click to subscribe to comments so we can possibly have a round table discussion on this topic!

** All information provided during this series is based on personal experience and is being offered at no cost, if at any time you wish to guest blog about your experience and what works for you please contact me directly and if you feel information being provided has helped you in anyway maybe consider a donation on my sidebar area to buy a cup of coffee to feed my blog. Neither works for you? A simple comment always makes me smile!

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  1. Thanks for the post!! I read it last night (thanks for the visit to my new blog!!) and got up this morning to give it a shot. I figured almost 2 years of blogging, duh, maybe I should! 🙂 Have a great day. 🙂

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