Outdoor Play Is Very Important

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If you are a parent, you should know that outdoor play is so vital to your child’s growth and social interactions. Think about it, what does your child do when you take them to the park or play outside? They interact, they socialize, they are happy.

If you have children like mine, your child loves the outdoors so much that they never want to go back inside. If you are luckier than me, a long day outside playing means a nice night of peaceful babes tucked snugged sleeping all night. Not only is outdoor play important for children, it is for adults as well. Are you attached to your computer, laptop or blackberry when your child is playing outdoors with you? I hope you said NO, if you said YES … put it away. Time outside interacting with your child boosts your spirits and your child will be happy knowing that you are paying attention to them. This positive attention, will turn into positive behavior.

Outdoor play is famous in our house, our oldest son – age 2 and a half – loves the outdoors. He has been an outdoor child since he was a baby, always at peace when outside. He could be searching for a frog, playing pretend dragons, or playing with his new Fisher-Price® ESPN Better Batter™ Baseball. It doesn’t matter what you do with him – it matters that YOU DO SOMETHING WITH HIM.

Now if you ask me about my oldest, and only daughter – well that’s another story. She will play outside at her Dad’s house for HOURS but getting her to play in our backyard – no so much. She would prefer to go read a book or play with the Wii Fit. I am trying to work on this, but she doesn’t really have any outdoor toys for her age level. We will have to get her some soon because the rest of us LOVE the great outdoors; hiking, camping, swinging – it makes for some fun family memories.

As I discuss Time Management and Organization, I will focus on outdoor play as well, because when you have your business more organized and your time managed – you get more family time.

With Summer coming it’s best to get some outdoor play routines in place. It could be a nice game of baseball, soccer or even just running around in your back yard and hitting some balls with a selection of softball bats.

Make it a happy day!

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