Successful Blog Tips & Who is Your Virtual Best Friend

Good Morning!

As I was laying in bed last night thinking about tonights #gno party on twitter and my session at Rock Your Blog, I realized that a blog can only be successful if it has READERS. I would also like to say the support system of a blog is it’s comments. {hint hint}

If you are a beginner or even advanced blogger you must spend daily time visiting other peoples blogs reading and commenting, tweeting on twitter and attending any twitter party you can. DO NOT go commenting random sentences on others blogs {like hey love your blog visit mine}, and tweeting junk on twitter {read my blog, shop my site, etc} because you will lose your support system and eventually your blog just “may” fail. Put forth a genuine effort to mingle, get to know others and support others. If you are supporting others in their blogs and business you will find that they will be more than happy to support you!

If you have a best local friend that was always trying to sell you something, tell you to attend “their” parties or something similar? Of course your friendship would dwindle, this is the same for virtual friendships. Sometimes it is easier for a person to try to sell others online rather than in the real world, but honestly if I wouldn’t want to hear your sales pitch every 5 minutes in person, why on Earth would you think I want to hear it every 5 minutes in the virtual world?

So here is my advice to you, whether you are a beginner or advanced blogger you know that your blog can ONLY be successful if you have blog followers, email subscribers, comments, and TRUE virtual friendships, I suggest you go out on Twitter, your favorite networking group or even through your blog and write to your true virtual friend(s); tell them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their support today! Thank them for helping you succeed in whatever area you are in your life right now, tell them Happy Valentines Day from their BEST VIRTUAL FRIEND! {ooo good blog award or badge idea PainterMommy}

After you take my advice and do something with it, return here to comment telling me about your TRUE VIRTUAL FRIEND and why I should go read their blog and subscribe to it {if not already subsribed}. Let’s share the love and friendship this week!


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  1. These are some really good strategies. I haven’t had time to really comment much on other blogs. But 2009 is a new year with new direction. Going to work towards accomplishing some of your suggestions!

  2. I have to admit that I don’t always make time to comment on other blogs. I usually try to comment on the blogs of the people who comment on mine, but I’d really like to get more involved with other blogs. If I could learn to live without any sleep I might just be able to do it 🙂

  3. Well put girl! There is nothing like “Virtual Friends”. And building those relationships is definitely the same as building them in the real world. You have to put out the effort. You have to give love and attention.

    A big thing for me is to remember what others are going through and make mention of those things by asking how they are doing. I subscribe to several blogs and often comment on each one. Showing support to other blogs can ultimately build your own.

    And Brandy – Yes, Twitter is where it’s at!! That is where I met you and several other wonderful virtual friends! I am so grateful for the many opportunities that have come my way through my Twitter friends.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post. I was thinking about this same subject last night. You totally read my mind! LOL

    Thanks for being a TRUE virtual friend!!


  4. Hi. I always comment on other people's pages, but they don't always leave me comments. I find new blogs everyday (from SITS & other sites) & leave comments if I like the blog. I'm not too into Twitter, but love checking out blogs.

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