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22 thoughts on “Protect Your Valuables During Your Big Move”

  1. Great, great tips. Moving is the most dangerous time your stuff will ever face. Whether you move it or have it moved, it’s open to destruction.

  2. I think these are super helpful strategies. There’s no need to add anymore stress to a big move! It’s good to take precautions.

  3. Great tips! We moved 1 year ago today into the house we are in now – hoping to move next summer for the last time! These will be great tips! we hired movers last time and I plan to do it again next time!

  4. We have lived in our current home for 8 years and I could not imagine moving again. We have accumulated so much stuff that hiring movers would be a must!

  5. We have a move in our future and just the though of it makes me feel overwhelmed! Great tips for having a plan.

  6. These are such crucial tips for anyone who is planning a move. And hiring professional movers is in my opinion a no brainier! But even so it is important that you stay on top of them and that you stay as organized As possible-again great tips!

  7. These are really great tips. Moving can be so hard and very stressful. These tips will really help.

  8. We have moved house 3 times when I was growing up, and twice since I got married. Moving house is not easy but if know how to pack our stuff the right way (just like what you mentioned in this post), then we can smoothly transition into a new home. BTW, I like your idea of setting up a video game room. My boys would love that.

  9. We just moved 3 months ago. Our moving in is quite hard but all of our stuff are completely transported.

  10. Great tips! The last time we moved which was about 10 years ago, we had things go missing and it was the worst feeling ever!

  11. Moving is stressful, you can’t add to the stress by losing items! These are very good tips, it’s important to pack your stuff properly and label them accordingly. Keeping track of your items is good, so make sure you have a list!

  12. I will definitely hire movers for my next move. Our last move was so stressful I never want to do it again.

  13. Wrapping it all properly is a big one. The last time I moved, I was glad I took the time to wrap it all up.

  14. If you don’t wrap you’re bound to get scratches, mars and even breaks. I think that is def. a good one to have on the list!

  15. These are good tips. I moved without movers in the past. It’ll be professionals in the future.

  16. We moved from Oregon to Southern California several years ago. We had the longest Penske rental truck loaded with a trailer and car attached. I drove our SUV full and we have 3 kids. We got it all down here with maybe 2-3 things broken. Lot of work to keep it safe, lots of time spent to get packing right, most important thing.

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