Our Kids Will Actually Love Learning a New Language With These 6 New Apps

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16 thoughts on “Our Kids Will Actually Love Learning a New Language With These 6 New Apps”

  1. I saved this! I want to learn spanish along with my daughter so we have been looking at different options.

  2. These sound like great ideas. Kids are especially adept at learning new languages, so something like this could really give them a head start in the world.

  3. I wish I could learn another language – I might give it a try again one day. My main issue is I have dyslexia so I find English hard enough at times. x

  4. The kids love to learn and love school so these apps would be great for them. I’m quite interested in them for myself too. I’d like to learn different languages. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was just talking to a friend of mine about our kids learning a new language. I think it is so important for them to learn that skill.

  6. These apps are going to come in handy this fall as both my kids take Up new languages. And the best part not only can these apps help them retain the new words they are learning but I can use them too and learn alongside them!

  7. What a great list of apps. My kids are currently taking foreign languages in school. This will be a huge help

  8. I need to try these apps with my kids. I desperately want them to learn Korean and hoping that I learn too!

  9. My Spanish isn’t all that great. I can understand way more than I feel comfortable speaking. I need these apps for the kids (but secretly for myself too).

  10. Oh, great apps! I want to learn of other languages so when I get a chance of going in a world tour, I will no longer feel strange.

  11. Yes!!! These apps are incredible. I am all about my children learning a second language. This is amazing!

  12. I think it’s great that they learn a new language! Although I don’t want to force my kids, I’m sure these apps will entice them! Thanks for the list!

  13. These sound like really helpful apps! A lot of the schools around here have a Spanish language immersion class starting in kindergarten. It’s pretty amazing.

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