When Your Teen Is Angry: 5 Tips

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11 thoughts on “When Your Teen Is Angry: 5 Tips”

  1. Thanks for sharing this great post. It’s important to address problems with your teens before they have a chance to fester.

  2. Diamond Ranch Academy sounds like a great place to help kids with issues. You really have to address problems quickly with teens. Those problems can spiral rapidly.

  3. These are all great ways to help your teen deal with their anger. It can be great to have an outlet like music or sports.

  4. I was definitely an angry teen that did not learn how to handle it until I was well into adulthood. A good workout still puts a smile on my face!

  5. I’m getting a flashback to when I was a teen. Those suggestions would have helped a lot with what I was going through and sometimes hormones can have a big impact on those teen mood swings too. Hang in there parents, it can get better!

  6. My daughter has a friend who is a very angry teen. I really wish her parents would address her issues instead of trying to pretend like nothing is wrong!

  7. I was just discussing the teenage years with my neighbor…. the turbulence of raising em, so your post has perfect timing.

  8. I think so many people, not just teens, don’t know how to manage anger; expressing it or dealing with it. These are great tips for so many.

  9. As the mom of a troubled teen, I really appreciate this post. It’s so important to find ways for your child to deal with their anger!

  10. Teenagers can be so tricky to deal with. My kids are 21 ans 17 and it has been a roller coaster ride.These are great tips.

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