Choosing the Right Online Course for You

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19 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Online Course for You”

  1. When I was in college, I took a few online courses. I took them because I had to, though. You know – they were part of my major 🙂

  2. I love this post! I’ve had a few friends get degrees that were worth nothing, because the schools weren’t accredited.

  3. Online learning is such a cool way to learn new skills or continue your education. It can definitely be hard to choose the right course, so thank you for sharing these tips.

  4. I would love to take an online course to help extend my knowledge, even if it wasn’t for actual college credit. I especially love the idea of learning another language.

  5. This is really helpful. There are definitely some things I’d like to learn about and online courses would be new to me.

  6. So many options these days, hard to narrow things down and figure out what is best for schooling…online or not, a lot to think about.

  7. When I was in college, 15 years ago, online courses were just starting to be offered at my University. I took a couple summer classes that were online courses and I learned that you really have to be self disciplined to take courses online. I am now taking online courses to get another degree, and I’m still able to work my full time job (and blog) because of the flexibility that online courses offer.

  8. Such great advice. I love that online learning is a possibility. There are some great curriculums allowing people to work AND complete their education.

  9. This is a helpful reminder to everyone that boosting knowledge is just a computer and internet connection away. Even if it’s just a course at a time, it’s a wonderful way to feel good about continuing to learn and a nice thing to post on a resume.

  10. I’ve taken classes online. I actually like it better than in person because I can do the work while everyone is sleeping.

  11. I have done several online classes and really enjoyed the freedom they provide. With a family, I need the flexibility to complete assignments when I have time.

  12. You list some great pointers here.
    These days, online courses are popular and certainly here to stay.

  13. Accreditation is incredibly important. No use in taking a course if it won’t be recognized.

  14. Yeah, this is so important when picking classes. You don’t want to pick something that you don’t want to do or it’s a waste of money.

  15. Online classes can definitely be tricky to choose. Definitely a fun learning environment is a HUGE plus

  16. I’m undergraduate as I.T but sometimes I’m thinking to take a course online. So glad that you shared some smart tips.

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