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27 thoughts on “Our 4th of July Family and Kid Free Weekend Recap”

  1. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Our 4th was spent close to home. The whole family gets together every year for hot dogs, hamburgers, home made ice cream, and fireworks.

  2. I love vacationing at ski resorts in the summer. They are always fun and I love taking the chairlifts to see the views without the snow! Sounds like you really made the best of your weekend for all of you!

  3. It sounds like you had quite a weekend! We didn’t pack in quite so much, but we did have a nice barbecue followed by watching fireworks.

  4. It looks like you had a great time. It is always nice to get away for a weekend with the family and a little me time can never hurt.

  5. That looks like a lot of fun! I’m totally with you on the ski lift – thanks but no thanks!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed it! And nothing wrong with you taking time for just you. We didn’t do much at all this 4th of July weekend… but it was relaxing.

  7. It looks like you had such a rocking holiday weekend. That pizza looks amazing and you seem like such a fun mom Brandy!

  8. I have heard of Killington Mountain Resort before and have always wanted to go. Looks like you had a great time!

  9. Looks like a fun place to have some good adventures with your kids. Thanks for sharing photos of your time there.

  10. I totally understand how your son feels I have always HATED to be in photos, still do actually. I’m probably the weirdest blogger on the planet as I hate taking any pictures! I really to stop surfing before I eat, now I totally want pizza! LOL 🙂

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m sure we all love our kids, but they will drive us all crazy if we don’t get some “me time” away from them every once in a while!

  12. Glad you were all able to enjoy your weekend together! I love that you were able to get away for a kid-free day too

  13. Sounds like a great weekend! I haven’t had a family free weekend in so long, this sounds wonderful

  14. What a wonderful place to be. Looks like everyone had a good time and kudos for going youtube/electronics free for a while!

  15. When I was growing up, our family spent a week at Killington every winter! Some of my best memories are ski trips there! I’ve never been in the summer, but I’d love to travel there with my kids!

  16. I’m happy to hear you had an amazing weekend. I love the 4th of July. It’s really a no-pressure holiday!

  17. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I’ve never been a sun bathing kind of person, it’s too hot for me, but I always feel better when I get outside in the fresh air.

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