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20 thoughts on “You Just Have to Listen a Bit Harder #specialneeds”

  1. I always try to take the time to listen. Some of my son’s friends have speech problems and it’s so rewarding to give them my time to let them practice and give them encouragement.

  2. Aww, this is such a sweet story. I love that you made that man’s day, and was able to teach your son about diversity.

  3. What a good lesson for us all to really take the time to listen. There are a few people in our community who have speech issues that really need the listener to be extra attentive so they can be understood.

  4. My little guy had a speech delay and some issues, so I really do try to take the time to listen and be patient.

  5. Awe, what a nice way to teach your little one about something important. I am one who forgets to stop to listen, let alone teach my kids to do it. My oldest one didn’t talk till he was three and it was so tough on everyone

  6. My friends daughter id Autistic and has some speech issues. It can be difficult to understand what she is trying to say to you. If you try to focus on her you can usually get what she is telling you.

  7. Gosh – this brought a tear to my eye.

    A number of years ago, one of them members of our church, had to have brain surgery. It saved his life, but left him with severe cognitive issues and extreme speech impairment. I was so surprised when my husband (who was the Bishop of our church, at the time) asked him to speak one Sunday. After the meeting, I told my husband that I didn’t understand more than 2 or 3 words that the man said, in his 10 minute talk. My husband then told me in detail, what the talk was about. I was astonished. I asked my husband how in the world, he understood what was said. He just smiled and replied – I listened with my heart.

    I never thought that I could love my husband more, but that day my love for him quadrupled.

  8. Sometimes I’m in my own little world on autopilot. I do take the time to strike up conversation if someone says something to me though. :]

  9. I love this story. Really that lesson goes so much deeper in teaching your sons to accept everyone around them for who they are! Good job mama!

  10. That really is an important lesson to teach and learn yourself. A good conversation requires give and take. I cannot tell you how many times random strangers stop to talk to my mom and I; we have those faces that say, ‘talk to us’ and the thing is we choose to give them our time and listen.

  11. We would get people with special needs coming into a place i used to work and it was hard to understand them but they loved to socialize! I loved talking with them

  12. The fact that you took the time to engage with him was awesome. So many are in such a hurry to get from point A to point B, that they don’t allow themselves enough time to “listen”.

  13. I think sometimes we have to just stop and listen, and forget about our clocks or what we have to do off our checklists. Great story!

  14. It can sometimes be hard to listen when you are tired, but it’s necessary. It makes all the difference.

  15. I met a lady the other day at the grocery store. We listened to each other and then she thanked me for stopping to talk. THat made me happy!

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