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31 thoughts on “5 Indoor Fall Activities for Kids”

  1. I love all of these. An imaginary camping trip would be fun (and there’s no bugs or bears like the real deal 😉 ).

  2. We do “home theater” night all the time. We don’t call it movie night. It’s so nice to get all super snug with the family and watch a great flick together.

  3. What great activities for the kids. I use to always look for fun things to do inside in MN especially in the winter when I did not have a car.

  4. Indoor camping is the BEST! It’s just an all night party of movies, video games, board games, and laughing. It’s awesome.

  5. Crafts are my favorite things to do with kids when the weather isn’t so hot. It’s a great way to interact with them and teach them something.

  6. I always loved doing arts and crafts with my kids when it was too cold or nasty to go outside. One of our favorites was water colors.

  7. These are all great ideas. Being stuck inside can be fun! Building forts, reading, and doing crafts are all what we enjoy.

  8. These are all great rainy day activities. We used to go camping in the living room complete with tent and a campfire on the TV.

  9. Oh, I really love the idea of an indoor camping trip! It’s been way too long since we’ve made a pillow fort!

  10. These are some really creative ideas! Indoor camping is such a cute activity. I feel like you could combine it with the home theater idea and have a really cozy and fun night

  11. We used to do a lot of crafts when the kids were little. It was always fun watching them be so creative. These are all great tips for keeping kids busy.

  12. When the weather gets crappy here in MI, we do a lot of crafts inside. We have forts, movie nights, and we even have a play kitchen down in the basement and kiddo will cook for us 😉 Although, that is starting to be less and less as she would prefer to cook real food now.

  13. Oh my the camping trip sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I’m going to add them to our fall to do list!

  14. Thanks for these wonderful activities! When it starts getting cooler in the fall, it’s hard to distract the kids when they can’t play outside as often as they’d like!

  15. When it gets cold here I usually bring in some of the kids’ outdoor toys and let them play in our dining room. Great ideas!

  16. It’s that time of year again when being indoors is an all day thing…. I love these ideas. We get crafty a lot during the winter. We also play a lot of games – both board games and made up active games like hide-and-seek.

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