I’m Sorry, Are you a Perfect Parent? #parenting

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4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Are you a Perfect Parent? #parenting”

  1. Oh my gosh, Brandy, I can so relate. I try always to be fair, kind and patient with my kids. But I do mess up. Just this morning I was running behind on getting the kids to school. I was running behind, not the kids. I was agitated that the clock kept moving forward and snapped at my son who was coloring. Something rude like, ‘Why are you still coloring when I already told you to put that away???’ when he was just finishing up a very little part of his picture. I saw the hurt register on his face and told him I was sorry, that I was late and it was aggravating me, but I shouldn’t have been grouchy. When he was being ultra slow putting on his boots, I just went and helped him. 🙂 Sometimes it pays to put ourselves into check. Totally agreeing w/you, I don’t judge other moms.

  2. I often catch myself being less than respectful to my daughter, and have to apologize after the fact. I react poorly in situations that I don’t have a handle on and it is not something I want my daughter to imitate. I try not to judge others when I see their reactions to their children especially in public, and I certainly don’t use others experiences to tell myself that I’m such a great parent, because I epic fail at this. All. The. Time. and my daughter is nearly and adult now.

  3. I have said it before and I will say it again, “Parenting ain’t for no punks”. It is THE hardest job on earth. We all have our moments that we might not handle situations “perfectly”.

  4. What a great post – none of us are perfect – I’m still learning, and I hope I continue to learn as I grow with my children. I love Judge Less Help More. I always try to offer a hand – or a smile of support if my hands are full.

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