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5 thoughts on “What’s with the Early mornings?”

  1. We tired black out curtains and that helped a bit, but unfortunately my kids were just early risers. Luckily it doesn’t KILL my husband to get up early. So he used to get up with them when they were much younger. We tried a clock that told Jason that if the moon on the clock was lit up he wasn’t allowed out of bed. When the sun lit up (7 AM he could get out of bed, it didn’t totally work though). Now that they are a bit older, we get up, get their breakfast and go back to bed while they eat and watch TV. Horrible parents we are. LOL


  2. Maybe have them go to bed later? Like 10pm? This works for us! I wish I was more help though. Good luck mama, your kids are so cute 🙂

  3. Girl I wish I could tell you! I can’t get mine to sleep to early mornings are not a problem as far as them waking up too early.

  4. I hear a lot of parents talk about this. Funny how when we’re little, we get up super early, and when we’re older, all we want to do is sleep in! What cruel fate, LOL! Good luck!

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