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12 thoughts on “Sibling Differences on Back to School Conversations”

  1. We just moved and I am SO thankful that one of the kids in Evan’s class just happens to live next door. It makes things easier – I often worry about them and friends.

    1. Oh that is nice! Having a friend next door, my daughter gets upset because where we live there are a TON of neighbors that are my sons age but she doesn’t have many neighborhood kids her age 🙁

  2. My daughter is too young for school. I cringe sometimes when I talk to other parents about their kids and their friends. This person isn’t my friend this year. This “friend” is spreading this rumor about me, and so on. It’s a social jungle out there.

    1. I think that these days the kids, specifically girls are more “cliquey” than they were when I was growing up. Seems the times are so different.

  3. hehe! I think I was just like your daughter when I was a kiddo!

    My son is in 3rd grade this year, and as hard as I try to get him to open up about school, I only hear about his day when HE wants to share (or when Daddy asks).

    1. I was just like my daughter too … each year she gets older each year I see more and more of me in her … scary! lol

  4. Sounds like a conversation with your son about what a friend really is is in order. Friends don’t tell friends they can’t play!

    1. I certainly did explain to Aj that friends do not say things like that. Just thankful Aj is the type who doesn’t let little things like that bug him & the friend did let him play so IDK the whole story. My daughter on the other hand takes every little gesture to heart and it’s difficult for me to try to help soothe her in times of slight friend drama.

  5. It’s interesting how every kid deals with the social situation is school their own way. That actually may be my biggest problems with public schools, actually… Schools don’t have the kids teach each other math or reading, so I don’t see why it’s accepted that they just throw them all together to learn social interaction. I don’t really have a good answer to how this should be approached but I think there should be more thought put into it.

    1. That makes perfect sense, maybe there should be more schooling on social interactions, what is appropriate behavior. I never just toss my kids into the playground on first day of school – can you imagine walking up to all of those kids on this first day after having been away from most of those kids all summer? My daughter gets anxiety just thinking about it! Thankfully school is going well now, that first day or two was rough on both of my school kids!

  6. The differences in social interaction really is interesting. I could say it’s a boy/girl thing, but even my 2 boys are the same. I try to ask my 3rd grader about his friends and I get a lot of eyerolls lol. They start early with that stuff, don’t they? My 1st grader, however, he’s happy just as long as he has some kids, any kids to run around with at recess.

  7. The friend conversation is so difficult to have! My son is only in kindergarten, so everyone (in his mind) is his friend right now. My heart breaks for the future when kids don’t want to be his friend 🙁

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