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2 thoughts on “How We Became Closer, A Sisterly Story”

  1. So cool that you’re that close with your sister. I’m that way with mine, but we don’t talk a lot because she’s a workaholic. Even when I lived in the same town, we didn’t talk a lot. lol

  2. That’s a wonderful relationship you have right there. My sisters are all older (8, 10, 12 years) and I therefore had four mothers growing up. Even now we are not that close as they/I feel they need to approve of what I am doing, though I’m 33, have a child, and moved overseas – twice. I definitely agree that being a sister instead of a mother the better way to go so you can see them in a different light. I’m so happy to hear that you made the decision and are sticking with it – resulting in a fantastic sibling friendship.

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